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  • If I don’t want to have all the meals do I still have to pay for them?
    Yes, our communities are based on an all-inclusive fee; we have an implemented system that insures we can provide the necessary services and staff. To provide the best quality in our food services, we maintain a consistent number of staff and fresh product on order. This also ensures that the Resident is receiving the nutrition that is needed to keep them healthy.
  • Why then, do I have a full kitchen?
    We do provide you with the full kitchen in some of our suites. Some residents do like to cook the odd meal for themselves or have family members come to gather and utilize the kitchen. Full kitchens are often on the wish list when moving in. However, we do find in time and once the Resident settles in, the kitchen is rarely used. Some communities will have kitchenette style kitchens in addition to full kitchens.
  • Can I have my grandchildren stay over night in my suite?
    Absolutely, The Manor is your home; we ask that all guests are respectful of the other residents and the building.
  • Can I come in as an Independent Living resident and move to Assisted Living? What is the cost difference and what is included?
    We have many residents come in independent, and over time find that they require support. The support would be customized specifically to your needs and a wellness plan will be put in place. The additional cost to have the support in place will be based on your care needs.
  • How is it determined who is Independent (IL) Living and who is Assisted (AL) Living?
    All Manor Villages require an assessment to be completed by our Wellness Team’s Director and by their family physician. This is an opportunity to “get to know you” and determine how we can support you best.
  • Why don’t the IL residents have access to the in-house physicians?
    The Manor Village’s will offer residents who are under our care, access to in house Dr’s. Their availability is based on patient practice capacities, governed by the Alberta Government. In the past we were able to offer access to the in-house physicians to all Residents. Unfortunately, due to the current health care system shortage of Doctors, they can not take on any more clients other than the Assisted Living. We do hope that Alberta can obtain more Doctors that would help to ease the burden and allow them again to take on all Residents care.
  • Do you accept animals?
    We do accept pets in some of our communities; there are restrictions to size, number, types, and locations within our communities. Please connect with us for more information on the specific guidelines for a community.
  • My mom has some minor memories issues, can she move into your community?
    The short answer is yes; however we would want to complete an assessment to determine how we can support her best. Should a resident require more attention with “Memory Care” we can provide secured living at 3 of our communities. The Manor Village At Fish Creek Park The Manor Village At The Groves of Varsity The Manor Village At Stay Well
  • I have food sensitivities and allergies - can these be accommodated?
    Absolutely! During the assessment you will be asked about any dietary restrictions. Later you will be introduced to our Dining room manager and Chef. This will be an opportunity for you to discuss any restrictions you have.
  • Do you have transportation for outside appointments? What is the cost?
    We have a private van that will take you to appointments, you must book 24 hrs in advance. The cost is $20.00 round trip.
  • Do we have to pay if we go on a bus trip shopping?
    No, we have several trips to a variety of locations monthly – there is no charge.
  • What are the services included with housekeeping?
    Housekeeping services include, vacuuming, light dusting, sanitizing cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, floors. Other services are available for a fee that can be reviewed with the housekeeping manager.
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