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Live a stress-free lifestyle in our retirement homes in Calgary

Choose the lifestyle you want at the Manor Villages. We offer our residents the flexibility to add life to years by giving them the freedom to experience every moment. Residents have told us time and again that living in our Calgary retirement homes and communities has helped reduce worry and anxiety while letting them embrace a carefree and enjoyment-filled lifestyle. 

Enjoy having housekeeping, indoor, and outdoor maintenance, having your own executive chef, recreational entertainment, fitness classes and more. When you do not have to worry about these daily activities that consume your life, you can focus on yourself. This will reduce some of life’s challenges, resulting in a higher quality of senior living in Calgary.

You’ll have more time for yourself, socialize with like-minded individuals, see family and friends, and be part of a supportive and respectable retirement community. Add life to years and live the life you want at the Manor Villages.  

COVID Message

Your Safety is our #1 Priority

While moving into assisted or independent living during a global pandemic could be perceived as a challenging decision, we believe now may be the smartest time to make that move.

Many older adults have become more isolated because of precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, with activities cancelled, favourite places temporarily closed, and unease about being in public settings. At our Manor Village, we have spent the last year planning what safe socialization looks like, with opportunities for indoor exercise and dining, lifelong learning, live entertainment, and more.

So, moving to a retirement community can be helpful in maintaining and developing new social relationships and interests, pursuing hobbies, accessing on-site services and supports, and remaining active. While these may all look a little different these days, they are still important parts of community life. Our senior homes in Calgary are a place to grow, not just a place to live.

Benefits of living in a Senior community while coping with the COVID pandemic:

"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing."

–  George Bernard Shaw

We Never Stop Enjoying Nature
We Never Stop Engaging
We Never Stop Learning
We Never Stop Healthy Nourishing
We Never Stop Being Mobile
We Never Stop Being Creative
We Never Stop Being Connected
We Never Stop Singing
Community That Cares

"I remember my decision to move to The Manor Villages was because I was told that I would be happy with the socialization and activities and I would receive the attention to my health that I need. This also is why I choose to continue living at The Manors!"

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A New Way of Living

"I wished I had not waited so long to move to The Manor Village—There is so much to occupy my day and I am no longer suffering from Loneliness & Anxiety”

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I Feel Healthier

"Since I have moved to The Manor Village I feel healthier because of our daily Mobility Stretch & Flex classes, and because our chefs cook such nourishing meals for us. We order our dinners from a Menu—just like a luxurious restaurant."

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I Feel Safe and Cared For

"During COVID, we felt so safe because of the care and attention shown by our nursing staff here at The Manor Village. I have so many new friends and we enjoy the challenges at our afternoon classes for avoiding Memory Loss with Aging"

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All That Fun

"Here is a picture of me dressed up during our Easter Celebration. I sent this to my children and grand children and they posted it on the fridge door...Aren’t I cute?"

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A Better Quality of Life

"Beautiful things happen when someone is not thriving at home and moves into a community like the Manor Villages. Suddenly their needs are being met, they are getting great nutrition, better hydrated, happier, they are having a better quality of life. Then they truly blossom and becomes the biggest relief when family sees that happen, then that guilt becomes a distant memory. It is a great thing to see at the Manor Village."

- Nicole B (Senior Living Advisor)

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Manor Village Services

The Manor Villages offers numerous lifestyle & care options to make sure that you can live life to the fullest.

Enjoy carefree living and your personalized health and wellness program, designed to add life to years.

Independent living with extra assistance when you need it, so that you can live life to the fullest.

Our Hearts Memory Care provides a broad range of engaging activities and ongoing guidance.

Providing the highest quality of resident’s care for comfortable senior living utilizing the new technology for monitoring and communication.
Our temporary care services offer dedicated family caregivers breathing room to rest and recharge, knowing their loved one is safe and being very well looked after for a few hours during the day.
Manor Village Care

We provide only the best at our senior homes in Calgary & beyond.

Our Senior Living Communities

Adding Life to Years  

The Community With Heart

Dr. M. Garth Mann started The Manor Village Life Centers Inc. 30 years ago to meet the needs for the aging of society based-on his attempts to locate an improved lifestyle for his beloved Mother.

Since then, The Manor Villages have evolved into Aging in Place facilities. Our elegant, fully accessible Calgary retirement homes are perfect for the independent senior who doesn’t want to worry about cleaning gutters or vacuuming floors. Furthermore, our flexibility means we can help seniors requiring assistance, memory care, enhanced private care and those requiring short stays while ensuring they get to live independently.

If you find you need help as you grow older, our caring and highly-trained staff will be there to help at any moment. You will always be safe, secure and protected in our welcoming and supportive retirement community. 

See what the Manor Villages have to offer by taking a tour of our facilities. We’re the community with heart – it’s time to experience it for yourself. Contact us today.