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Nourishing Your Artistry with Daily Living Services

Our daily living classes are something we put extra care into. Living out your golden years should be a chance to pursue hobbies you never had the time for, and for many that means bringing their inner artist back to life. One of our recent painting classes showcased everything an artistic renaissance late in life needs.

For our staff and executive team, it’s all about designing meaningful and rewarding life experiences at The Manor Village. Recently, our residents partook in a class painting inspiring Canadiana. The majestic orca represents the kind of assignments and subject choices we appreciate for our residents. The orca ranges free in a pod, supported by tightknit family and friends, just like our residents.

Residents can expect to enjoy a guided painting, from local art teachers boasting a wonderful breadth of experience and fine techniques. They’re encouraged to work with multimedia elements, but they have all the help they’ll need with special supplies or strenuous work.

What You Can Expect from Painting Classes

Our art teachers are chosen not only for their skill and experience but also for their ability to engage an audience. The Manor Village’s art students are meant to feel like they’re part of the process and receiving the kind of feedback they need, not only to continue, but also to improve.

In this paint class, our talented group was encouraged for doing well, and they shared the spotlight when they succeeded. The class was very social, and every student got a chance to note who their expert peers were. They’ll be able to ask each other for help with technique next time!

Comfortable Daily Senior Living Services

Ergonomics are also a central concern in paint class. Some brush techniques are difficult to perform, and keeping your arm raised for a long time can be taxing. But the choice of subject, and the layering techniques are all chosen based on how well they give your muscles a rest after a while.

And if any of our residents need help with anything, the teacher is going to be your main helper. From drying thin backgrounds, to flicking brushes, our teachers are here to lend a hand. Painting should be comfortable and inspiring.

Everyone is welcome at paint class. And you don’t have to have any artistic fame to join in; you just have to give it a try, and commit to nourishing your inner artist. Paint classes are just one small part of our commitment to making your life at The Manor Village rewarding and stimulating.

Wherever you decide to call home at our locations, we’ll be there to support you as one of our pod.

The Manor Villages combine elegant retirement homes with quality care. We’re the community with heart. If you wish to know more about how we can help your parents, please contact us at 403-686-8386. Please feel free to read and learn more about our Lifestyle Options and Locations.


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