The Manor Village

Learn about The Manor Village lifestyle from some of our Residents and Staff-Associates.

Retirement Homes Calgary

retirement homes calgary

Choose the lifestyle that fits your needs. We offer our Residents the ability to Add Life to Years™ and live the life they want with new experiences, friends and activities. Residents tell us time and again that living in our retirement homes Calgary and communities has helped reduce worry and anxiety, letting them embrace relaxed and enjoyment-filled senior living. 

You will no longer think about housekeeping or indoor, and outdoor maintenance if you avail in our assisted living service. Having your own executive chef, recreational entertainment, fitness classes and more will enable you to focus on yourself giving you more time to socialize with like-minded individuals, see family and friends, and be part of a supportive and respectable retirement community.  

"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing."

–  George Bernard Shaw

We Never Stop Enjoying Nature
We Never Stop Engaging
We Never Stop Learning
We Never Stop Healthy Nourishing
We Never Stop Being Mobile
We Never Stop Being Creative
We Never Stop Being Connected
We Never Stop Singing
Manor Village Care

We provide only the best senior living Calgary experience.

The Manor Village Experience

The Manor Villages offers numerous lifestyle & care options in our senior living Calgary community to make sure that you can live life to the fullest.

At The Manor Village, we believe that every meal served to our senior living residents should be memorable – for all the right reasons! Our Residents enjoy freshly prepared, well-balanced meals in our elegant and spacious dining rooms. They can even invite family and friends to dine with them.

So often, retirement home food is bland, disappointing and not always suitable for aging digestive systems. At The Manor Village, we have created a unique recipe book of dishes and cuisine that have been developed by assisted living experts especially for senior digestive systems.

Our team of expert professionals provide our residents with expert assisted living services and benefits that make their lives here as rich, fulfilling and healthy as possible.

Did you know… people can appear cognitively impaired if they have poor vision or hearing or are over-consuming medications?

We ensure that our residents don’t just live at a retirement homes Calgary; they enjoy an outstanding lifestyle.

The Manor Village Life Centers is approaching 30 years of serving Canada’s Senior Living Population, we are proud to provide opportunities that encourage daily socialization and add interest to life.

Our new interactive amenities are designed to entertain, socialize and create activities for those seniors who are less mobile and have varying interests, recognizing their restricted abilities. You’ll see and believe what we can do at our retirement home communities in Calgary. 

Our Senior Living Calgary Communities

We provide only the best at our retirement communities in Calgary & across Canada.

retirement homes calgary

Fish Creek Park


The Manor Village at Fish Creek Park is ideally situated for easy access to meadows and the extensive green spaces and riverside walks of Fish Creek Park.

retirement homes calgary

Garrison Woods


Our elegant building is situated on a quiet tree-lined cul-de-sac in South Calgary, and our senior retirement community is always buzzing with plenty to join in on.

retirement homes calgary

Huntington Hills


This award-winning community is located in the quiet serenity of a well-established North West community, close to the famous, beautiful Nose Hill Park.

dementia care calgary

Rocky Ridge


Rocky Ridge is a premier retirement community in North West Calgary offering superior senior care for both independent and assisted living.

retirement homes calgary

Signature Park


This award-winning community is located in the quiet serenity of a well-established South West residential community in Calgary.

retirement homes calgary

StayWell Manor


Our luxury senior living and residence features a central courtyard, water feature, walking paths, LRT access, and near by shopping and medical services.

retirement homes calgary



Our superior senior living community features a central courtyard, water feature, walking paths, LRT access, and nearby shopping and medical services.

retirement homes calgary

London, ON


The Manor Village at London is specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors looking for varying levels of support in the heart of London’s historic Old North.

retirement homes calgary

Currie Green


Construction has started on this new development right in heart of the community of Currie off Flander’s Avenue and Crowchild Trail.


Community That Cares

"I remember my decision to move to The Manor Villages was because I was told that I would be happy with the socialization and activities and I would receive the attention to my health that I need. This also is why I choose to continue living at The Manors!"

A New Way of Living

“I wished I had not waited so long to move to The Manor Village—There is so much to occupy my day and I am no longer suffering from Loneliness & Anxiety”

I Feel Healthier

"Since I have moved to The Manor Village I feel healthier because of our daily Mobility Stretch & Flex classes, and because our chefs cook such nourishing meals for us. We order our dinners from a Menu—just like a luxurious restaurant."

I Feel Safe and Cared For

"During COVID, we felt so safe because of the care and attention shown by our nursing staff here at The Manor Village. I have so many new friends and we enjoy the challenges at our afternoon classes for avoiding Memory Loss with Aging"

A Better Quality of Life

"Beautiful things happen when someone is not thriving at home and moves into a community like the Manor Villages. Suddenly their needs are being met, they are getting great nutrition, better hydrated, happier, they are having a better quality of life. Then they truly blossom and becomes the biggest relief when family sees that happen, then that guilt becomes a distant memory. It is a great thing to see at the Manor Village."

- Nicole B (Senior Living Advisor)


Our Values as a Calgary Retirement Home

Our purpose is to make a difference to every resident that we house at our luxury retirement homes Calgary. 


We are committed to serving mature residents by providing them with opportunities to live a life with meaning, purpose and dignity. We care about our residents and their families, so much so that our staff feel like part of our resident’s extended families.  


How have we achieved this high level of care, attention and identity? We’ve consciously worked hard to create a happy, friendly and supportive atmosphere that adds life to our resident’s years and inspires them to achieve amazing things. 


All this stems from our core values, which are embedded in how we communicate, care and support our residents. These values are: Excellence, Attitude, Trustworthy, Caring and Integrity. Together, these values are equal, Heart:  


  • How we Care about each other 
  • Excellence is our foundation
  • Attitude is essential
  • Respect and Integrity in every experience 
  • Trustworthy in all that we do

What we do and how we do it all arise from these values, which is why we’re recognized as the Community with Heart. If you want to support a loving parent or if you are growing old and feeling that a change for the better is needed, you can trust The Manor Village for senior living in Calgary and to add life to your years, thanks to our ingrained values. 

retirement homes calgary

The Retirement Homes Calgary Adding Life to Years

The concept for The Manor Villages – a retirement community that improves the lives of its residents, adding life to years – evolved over a decade from one man’s determination to honour the memory of his mother. That man is Dr. M. Garth Mann.

He started The Manor Village Life Centers Inc. 30 years ago to meet the needs of the aging of society based on his attempts to locate an improved lifestyle for his beloved mother.

Since then, The Manor Villages have evolved into Aging in Place facilities, a community that offers aging residents the opportunity to live the life they want without the stress and burden of everyday living. We cater to all seniors, ensuring they get the treatment and support they deserve.

Our elegant, fully accessible Calgary retirement homes are perfect for the independent senior who doesn’t want to worry about cleaning gutters or vacuuming floors but still wants to enjoy the freedom of doing what they want. Our flexibility means we can help seniors requiring assistance, memory care, enhanced personal care, fall prevention, respite care and those requiring short stays while ensuring they get to live independently.

If you find you need help as you grow older, our senior living Calgary with caring and highly-trained staff will be there to help. You will always be safe, secure and protected in our welcoming and supportive retirement community. Our on-hand specialists, who have extensive experience in their chosen field, will enrich your life. You’ll also be free to participate with fellow residents in multiple group activities and enjoy freshly prepared, well-balanced meals made from our unique recipe book of dishes and cuisine. You’ll age gracefully and be surrounded by friends and family when you’re with us.

See what the Manor Villages have to offer by taking a tour of our facilities. We’re the Community with Heart – it’s time to experience it for yourself.

Contact us today.

The Lease Agreement Plan

If your lifestyle is such that leasing is convenient and preferable to you, enjoy the option to lease your suite. Lease fees include all the benefits of The Manor Lifestyle as well as the Meal Program.
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Especially during these unusual “COVID-19” pandemic times, meeting the needs for supportive-care for seniors has never been greater.

Many new families are calling our 8 Manor Village Life Centers daily.  Unfortunately, government supported home care is over-worked and stressed trying to meet the demand for senior services.

Our staff-associates are nurses, care-providers, recreation therapists, chefs and sous chefs, as well as house keepers, strategic cleaners, maintenance persons and other management directors who monitor and screen to provide a safe and secure environment for our senior population.

We applaud our loyal staff-associates WHO CARE SO MUCH for our residents.


Dr. M. Garth Mann: President