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Am I Ready?

Transitioning into a senior living community is a life-changing move. Change is difficult, but oftentimes it is the vehicle for a more enriching and uplifting life.

Keep reading to learn about three signs that you are ready to move into a retirement home.

1. Your home is not serving you like it once did. Many senior citizens desire to live out their lives in their own homes. However, this sometimes comes with more costs than you might realize.

The cost of retrofitting a home to suit your needs is significant, as are expenses related to long-term in-home care. When you compare this option with the benefits that The Manor Village senior living communities offer, you may realize there is more possibility and greater security in a retirement home.

The Manor Village Life Centers offer a variety of community locations, each with multiple floor plans so that you can settle into the residence that is just the right size for you and the lifestyle you want to lead.

2. You worry about the decline of your health. Whether you are dealing with a chronic disease or preparing for a future when you might be, you are likely feeling some degree of anxiety. Some older adults hire health home aides or have a family caregiver check in with them periodically. These measures are sufficient for a time, but for most, they cannot be a permanent solution.

In many cases, it is better to make a move to senior living when you are in relatively good health and your support systems are not too strained.

This means that you could make the move to senior living now—while you are in relatively good health—and not worry about your health precipitating this move. Once settled in the community, if your health needs change, the level of care you receive will increase.

If you begin to exhibit some of the warning signs that you need additional care, our staff can help you. For instance, our Assisted Living services provide 24-hour supervision and assistance with activities of daily living. If you need Memory Care, The Manor Village - Our Heart's Memory Care will provide you with a secure environment and personalized programming.

The Manor Village Life Centers will meet your personal needs with predictable costs.

3. You feel bored or lonely in your current residence. While you might notice the more acute symptoms associated with limited social interactions—like sadness or restlessness—there are even more essential benefits to staying connected and active. Among these are decreased rates of depression, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline.

A senior living community like The Manor Village offers opportunities for socialization, personal growth and continued activity that are regularly scheduled and easily accessible. Whether you want to participate in a special interest group, lecture, fitness program or recreational activity, you will find ample opportunities. Regardless of your preferences, you will find ways to fill your days with fulfillment, fun, and fellowship.

Learn About the Life Style That Fits Your Needs

We offer our Residents the ability to Add Life to Years™ and live the life they want with new experiences, friends and activities. Residents tell us time and again that living in our retirement homes Calgary and communities has helped reduce worry and anxiety, letting them embrace relaxed and enjoyment-filled senior living.

You will no longer think about housekeeping or indoor, and outdoor maintenance if you avail in our assisted living service. Having your own executive chef, recreational entertainment, fitness classes and more will enable you to focus on yourself giving you more time to socialize with like-minded individuals, see family and friends, and be part of a supportive and respectable retirement community.

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Lillian Buckland
Lillian Buckland
May 11, 2023

I have read the above, which some things do entail a hard work, like cleaning my deck. although i love my flowers in the spring and summer. I am 88 yr. young. love to dance, movies, some crafts. So hoping that I can pepare myself for a change to less stress.

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