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When Should My Parents Move from Assisted Living to Memory Care?

Dementia is a debilitating disease that has a resonating impact on an individual’s life. Ensuring that the person receives the support they need for it is crucial. It’s why you should consider moving your parents from assisted living to memory care if the situation arises. 

Assisted Living is Not Necessarily Memory Care

Assisted living describes a person who has lost their ability to complete their daily living needs such as bathing, eating or dressing and other basic needs. However, these residents still consider themselves independent because they have retained their memory. Generally, assisted living works by assisting the individual for approximately two hours per day.

Memory care, on the other hand, is completely different. Memory care is about providing a “safe and secure environment for those residents requiring guidance”, with skilled nursing staff and associates providing “24/7 assistance, enabling an atmosphere of calmness and comfort that promotes dignity” while offering treatment therapy, medication reviews, and a wide range of daily living services. It is tailored around the person’s memory loss condition. 

Transitioning From Assisted Living to Memory Care

A Dementia Diagnosis

If a parent has been diagnosed with dementia, your family cannot ignore the situation. Seeking advice from a medical professional is essential. Your parents will be assessed for the level of their dementia and its characteristics on their personality, including the need to wander without thought or reason.

Dementia testing is provided by a nurse who has been trained in administering the test. Do not be shy to ask the level of your parent’s dementia and if it is related to a type of genetic memory loss called Alzheimer’s disease.

If dementia or Alzheimer’s is present, it could be time to consider moving to a retirement home that offers memory care support and facilities. 

(Learn more about the myths and misconceptions of memory loss here)

What to Expect from Memory Care

dementia care calgary

Residents with dementia are treated as patients. This means that our staff’s educational skills have been focused on employing the correct treatment to enhance memory through Mobility Classes, including Montessori Therapy Classes for memory recollection, while in a tailored architectural design retirement home. There is also the focus on developing a thoughtful family network.

Montessori Therapy Programs

Dementia can be slowed with important treatments, but generally, the disease is age-related impacts the individual’s normal social activities or routines. A memory care community with skilled nursing is the best solution for your parent, who will receive dedicated support with Mobility classes, including the Montessori Therapy Programs. 

The Montessori Therapy Program is intended to have every person feel useful no matter their age and condition: 

  • Mobility Activities of stretching and flexing help slow down the progression of Dementia.
  • Since Dementia is related to Anxiety and Depression, therapists provide programs that de-stress and engage activities for music—entertainment—aroma, floral therapy—arts & crafts and others.
  • Sleeping schedules reflect a healthy circadian rhythm – taking advantage of daylight exposure, so residents are more likely to sleep well.

Tailored Architectural & Interior Design

The architecture and interior design for memory care supportive living focuses on creating a safe, positive, and calm environment for the residents. In addition to plenty of common areas and social gathering spaces for classes and therapy sessions, it is important to offer quiet rooms to de-stress some patients with memory loss.

You should expect that it might be difficult for your parents to remember you. Working together as a supportive family, we can stimulate your parent."

Thoughtful Dining Options

Delicious and nutritious meals are offered, three times a day, designed to enable the residents’ ability to choose what they eat – while ensuring all options provide adequate daily calories and nutrition, specific to a resident’s preferences and personal dietary restrictions and recommendations. 

A Family’s Support Network

You should expect that it might be difficult for your parents to remember you. But by working together as a supportive family, we can stimulate your parent. 

Your family must often visit to employ recollection therapy with sing-alongs of their favourite music or past pictures that can be posted on their personal living board.

Come and enjoy a meal with your parents or attend a Montessori Class so you engage with them. 

dementia care calgary

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