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What are the Benefits of Mobility for Elderly People?

While aging may be inevitable, your parents can minimize its effects with regular activity and mobility. 

According to the CDC, mobility can help seniors “improve their stamina and muscle strength” while reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Those are just some of the benefits that come with consistent mobility activity. We have several more below.

Six Benefits of Mobility for Seniors

1) Reduces the Risks of Diseases 

Physical activity leads to better cardiovascular function, which helps reduce the risks of heart disease and high blood pressure (hypertension), colon cancer, diabetes, and many other diseases. Walking, water aerobics and other low-intensity activities can keep seniors healthy and free from life-threatening diseases. 

2) More Social Interaction 

Social interaction is important for seniors, as a lack of it can lead to depression and isolation, a vicious cycle that goes round and round. Mobility classes, particularly those at The Manor Villages, are group-based activities, encouraging seniors to interact with each other, build relationships and maintain good health.

retirement homes calgary

3) Maintain Weight 

Seniors with joint pain and minimal movement can let their weight get out of control, leading to excessive weight and obesity. This can contribute to several health conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Mobility and physical activity, complemented with a healthy diet and better sleep, can help seniors lose or maintain their weight, keeping them healthy. 

(Improve your parents’ sleep with our detailed guide here. You can read our nutrition guide for seniors too

4) Increase Energy & Stamina

The more people are physically active, the more stamina and energy they’ll develop. The same applies to seniors. Increased stamina and energy levels can help people participate more in social situations while also supporting independence. This activity can also improve their muscle strength, bones, joints and flexibility, reducing the risks of falls. 

"Being physically and mentally healthy can lead to seniors embracing greater self-care and opportunities for personal independence."

5) Improve Mental Health 

Not only do mobility activities improve the physical well-being of individuals, but they can also enhance cognitive functioning. Consistent physical activity can elevate moods, help manage stress and treat anxiety and depression symptoms. Most importantly, increased mobility activities can also boost several cognitive functions, including agility and memory. 

6) Supports Self-Care & Independence 

Being physically and mentally healthy can lead to seniors embracing greater self-care and opportunities for personal independence. From preparing meals to undertaking homely chores and tasks, seniors often feel reenergized to handle things on their own, or at least with minimal support. This can reduce the need for assisted living care. At The Manor Village, we offer multiple care options including independent living for seniors, so they are able to live the life they want. Learn more by contacting us today. 

Personalized Mobility Classes at Our Retirement Homes

At The Manor Village Life Centre, we are proud to support our community with programs and hands-on specialists that help improve our Residents’ mobility. 

We offer both group and specific one-on-one classes, including cardio, strength and stretch and flex classes, as well as balance and posture training, so our seniors can enjoy physical activities at their leisure. We also offer a fall prevention program to help mitigate the risk of dangerous falls. 

The most important thing is for your parents is to remain as healthy as possible — and they can do that with mobility activities!

The Manor Villages combine elegant retirement homes with quality care. We’re the Community with Heart™. To help you navigate conversations about mobility or if you are seeking assistance, contact The Manor Village at 403-686-8386