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“We knew this was a special place” – How The Manor Village Changed A Family’s Life

This review was posted by Clark Jellico on June 1st. You can read more reviews about Manor Village London here. 

Until you need Manor Village, you don’t really know about this wonderful place! Long story short, my 91-year-old mother fell, which resulted in a diagnosis of advanced dementia. This, combined with congestive heart failure, resulted in several hospital visits. She needed major care to keep comfortable in what we learned would be the last months of her life. We were adamant she not go into a “traditional” long-term care home for reasons we won’t get into.

Our neighbours’ mother had lived at Manor Village, and it was our first call. Cindy was a saviour! She had a bed available and arranged with the hospital for necessary assessments to see if my mom qualified for memory care, which she did. 

What makes Manor Village extra great for people is the fact the first two floors contain everything one needs like doctors, dentist, lab, pharmacy, foot care, audiology and cafe, among other needed services. Trust me when I tell you that it’s very difficult to transport an elderly loved one with several issues to appointments, so having this available in the same building is brilliant.

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retirement homes london

I should mention prior to the move that my wife and I hung out in the lobby and talked to random people about Manor Village – staff, the public going to appointments and the family of residents. All comments from them were positive, which was great. The entire building was always spotlessly clean and smelled great. Never any awful smells that you don’t want me to get into.

We moved my mother’s personal items into her cozy suite. The focus is on care, not the size of suites, so she had a bed, tv and lazy boy chair. If you’re familiar with dementia and Alzheimer’s, you’ll know this is perfect.

The memory care area is a secure area where the care ratio is 1 to 5. You’ll know this is an incredibly good ratio if you’re trying to find the best for your loved one. Be assured your loved one will be looked after by beautiful people who treat them like their own family!

We hope you’re still reading this review because we saved the best comments for last. We hesitate to use the word “staff” because everyone from Tonya at reception to Simi and Jincy on the 4th floor east truly became like family to us. When my mom was released from the hospital, she looked worse than when she went in. The next day, unannounced, we went to Manor Village and went to my mom’s suite, where we heard her giggling with one of the girls! My mom had been showered, had on clean clothes, and her hair was done. She looked and sounded better than she had in months. At that moment, we knew this was a special place.

"The wonderful angels always ensured my mom had the best care"

Since that time, my mom became palliative which Manor Village can accommodate. The wonderful angels always ensured my mom had the best care…. they noticed many medical issues that resulted in facilitating countless doctors’ house calls, arranging swallowing assessments and dealing with LHIN to have an occupational therapist assess mobility needs. 

Every single time we visited my mom, she was clean, smelled great, had clean nails, clean clothes, and I don’t know how they did it, but her teeth were sparkling. Every time she pressed her call button, someone was there instantly!

Towards the end, we started receiving the same wonderful care in that we were constantly kept up to date and the girls always made time to talk with us and explain things – day and night.

The end of life care provided by everyone at Manor Village was exceptional for senior living, and my family and I will always be so appreciative of the care my mom received.

We highly recommend Manor Village London if you want the best for your loved one!

retirement homes london

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