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Top Five New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors and their Families

independent senior living calgary

Life is full of traditions, many of which surface around the holiday season! One popular tradition people have are New Year resolutions. These are promises of actions to better ourselves in some way to be happier and healthier; and commitments to keep in touch, to quit bad habits. Making resolutions is easy and it’s often a fun personal challenge. The hard part is putting those resolutions into action and keeping that motivation throughout the year.

2021: Try something different.

When making your resolutions, think of ways to include family and friends as support.  Whether you live near or far, joining forces can make New Year’s resolutions together increases the odds that you stay true to your goals.  Offering accountability for each other gives valuable support and also offers the opportunity of staying in touch on a regular basis throughout the year! New Year’s resolutions made together can be especially important if you have a senior in your life. You can gain a great sense of purpose when including your loved ones, which can be very meaningful in the life of a friend or family member who’s growing older.

The Manor Village is known for enriching the lives of seniors through collaborative caregiving; interacting with technology to keep families in touch throughout the past year has been a focus and high priority for the skilled professionals at the Manor Villages. Much popularly known research indicates that keeping seniors physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally connected can help them preserve better cognitive function, stay healthier and maintain their lives independently longer.

The Manor Villages welcome the year 2021 and introduces some unique New Year’s resolutions for you! These resolutions have potential to keep you in touch and connected throughout the year.

independent senior living calgary

Journal your letters

Thanks to the internet, handwritten letters and journals are a thing of the past (as I write an online blog…).  Our seniors are from a time when penmanship and written notes were important and an appreciated type of etiquette. This personal way of keeping in touch could be an amazing thing for whatever your relationship is. You could get a journal with lined pages and write a letter to your loved one, then give them that same journal to write back on the next page to eventually have a bounded document to reflect on in the future of your conversation. If you are further away, you can scrapbook actual letters by mail when you receive them until your journal is full! Who doesn’t like the excitement of receiving mail that is not a bill due?  You will find you get to now someone better and it’s quite therapeutic.

Be Graceful, with Aging that is

There are great things that come with age, and there are also some more unfortunate parts of the process. The Manor Village provides opportunities for a healthy lifestyle – mind, body and spiritually with Seeing is Believing, a nutritious menu and mindfulness and meditation.

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independent senior living calgary

Share Recipes

The Manor Villages over the years have collected and contributed to recipes books for Residents and Families. Sharing these healthy, family favourites is a great way to pass down generation through generation. With our full kitchens in the suites at The Manor Villages, seniors can enjoy the options of dining in the Medallion Dining Room, or they can bake their favourite dish at home.

Get tech-y

This past year has shown us how many seniors were interested in learning more about computers, tablets and smart phones!  It might seem a bit intimidating at first, but once you are comfortable, the prowess might surprise you. Communication and trading pictures becomes a snap (literally!), and being able to see smiling facing on the screen is remarkable. The grandkids can talk about their adventures and their lives and it helps family to get the chance to check in on the overall appearance of their senior loved one and to ensure signs of good or declining health.

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senior living calgary

Get real and talk about the hard stuff

Resolutions aren’t fun and games – sometimes we have to quit bad habits and other times, well, we might have to have difficult conversations. Even if you’re feeling things are “okay” now, keep in mind things are always “okay” until they’re not anymore. Use this opportunity while things are good to make plans within your family as to who might become the caregiver or if a future move to a place like The Manor Village is in sight. Talk about wills, estate planning and other inevitable concerns that are in the foreseeable future. Having this chat with anyone who will be involved down the road in decision making is important so that everyone understands what is hoped for.

Get to know one another better by making these resolutions together! You can use these ideas, or make unique commitments for your situation, and involve your loved ones to help reach your goals. Happy New Year!