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Senior diet and nutrition: not just cheese on toast

Are you:

  • Concerned that a senior family member seems to have lost their interest in cooking?
  • Constantly freeing their fridge from items that are way past their best?
  • Worried that your senior parents or relatives are not eating enough – or eating a poor diet?

It’s common for metabolism and appetite to change as we age, but it is also important to ensure we are getting the nutrition we need to stay strong and healthy. Whilst the latest World Health Organization figures show that Canadian seniors age 65 and over are living longer than ever before, recent surveys reveal their eating habits could still be better.


Putting a balanced diet at the heart of your day

Senior nutrition and regular meals are very much at the heart of life at The Manor Village Life Centers. Our chefs spend considerable time planning creative, delicious and nutritious menus suitable for seniors. We all dine together, and enjoy a main meal in the middle of the day, to allow more digestion time and to fuel us through the many activities we have going on each day!

The quality and attention paid to proper diet and delicious, well-resented food is just one of the reasons many relatives feel reassured when their loved ones come to live at The Manor Village. It takes away that worry over whether they are eating enough, and removes the need to check the fridge and restock the larder every visit too!


4 tips towards a healthier appetite for seniors

  1. Dinner for two – Living and eating alone can be an isolating, sometimes depressing, experience. Offer to help by preparing a meal with your loved one in their own home whenever you can. Have some fun, eat together and enjoy the occasion. Alternatively, invite them to dine with you and your family once a week or occasionally take them out to a restaurant. The Dieticians of Canada website has some great advice on ‘cooking for one’ and two, along with a variety of nutritious meal planning and recipe ideas.
  2. Good things in tiny packages – Try to encourage your loved one to eat smaller but more nutrition-dense meals throughout the day and at regular intervals. This will help with digestion and avoid spikes in energy levels.
  3. Softly does it – Lack of appetite is sometimes caused by pain or discomfort when chewing. Help to prepare softer foods like soups and stews. Smoothies or protein drinks can also help keep up caloric intake. Always consult a dentist if you have any concerns about teeth, gums or dentures.
  4. Spice up your life – A loss of smell and taste are common symptoms of aging. Adding strong spices or flavours like mustard, hot pepper, onions, garlic or ginger to dishes can help. Alternatively, help to make dishes which are more colourful (perhaps by using small quantities of ingredients they’ve never have tried before).


Always consult a doctor if lack of appetite persists.


The Manor Village goes gourmet!

For almost 30 years, Residents at The Manor Village Life Centers have been enjoying the best in senior dining.

  • 3 nutritional meals a day – Our in-house chefs are trained to focus on nutrition. Food is freshly prepared on a daily basis, using locally sourced ingredients. Our Wellness staff will ensure Residents receive the best possible diet to tackle any pre-existing health problems. Furthermore, all our meals are served at set times – great for the digestive system!
  • Fine dining: We are proud to accommodate all our senior diners in elegant dining rooms. By providing a varied menu (which changes daily) and table service, we aim to give our Residents that ‘fine dining’ feel.
  • Improved social life: Mealtimes provide a perfect opportunity to relax and chat with other Residents and our friendly servers. Our in-house chefs also hold regular themed dining nights which are always a big favourite!

So why not let The Manor Village take the stress out of senior meal planning. We can ensure your loved ones get all the nutrition they need. Click on our Nutrition video to see why Residents love The Manor Village dining experience.

The Manor Village: Nutrition from Orchestrate Media on Vimeo.

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