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Red Flags When Choosing A Care Home For Your Loved One

There are many red flags when choosing a care and retirement home for your loved one. Knowing what to look for can prove crucial for you and your loved ones. Here is what to look for: 

7 Red Flags To Notice at a Retirement Home

1. Loud noises

When you walk through a care home’s doors, do not just look – listen. “How noisy is it? How chaotic is it?”. “Usually, the higher-functioning communities such as The Manor Village tend to be much calmer and not as chaotic.” 

2. Disrespect

How staff and residents interact speaks volumes about life in a care home community. Does the nursing staff/wellness team – the “backbone” of resident care, know the residents’ names? Do they respond promptly? Does the respect go both ways? Staff members who talk more to each other than to the residents are another red flag.

3. Absent administrators

Talking to the staff is just as important as watching them in action. Are they overworked or stressed? Is the administrator/executive director accessible and open to questions? They will be your go-to contact in the months and years to come.

retirement homes calgary
"What's the community's philosophy of care? How does it approach the end of life? How do those answers align with your family's values?"

4. Aging in Place and a lack of choices

A move from independent living to assisted living then LTC (long-term care), The Manor Village, refers to this as “Enhanced Care“. This can be very hard on our seniors. Moving from one community to another to help provide the appropriate care. Going to a community that has aging in a place like the Manor Village helps eliminate that from happening. Does the Care home give the resident choices? What and when they eat, what they wear, and when they sleep and wake up, for example. Variety matters, “Do they have bingo every single day? Or … can residents choose what they really want to do?”

5. Visiting hours

“Visiting hours” is old-fashioned terminology. While it is reasonable for Care homes to request that family members do not barge in at 1 a.m., you should be able to come and go as you please, perhaps joining your loved one for a meal or activity. Check out the place on nights and weekends as well, and if the staff has fled, you should too.

6. An unsafe neighbourhood

Residents that require Memory Care (secured unit) tend to spend most of their time inside; the neighbourhood still matters since getting outside safely can make a big difference in mental health. “Wandering helps calm you down … rather than being restricted or drugged and sitting in a wheelchair all day long”. Look for outdoor space that is secure so that residents do not get lost and are safe.

7. Misaligned values

What’s the community’s philosophy of care? How does it approach the end of life? How do those answers align with your family’s values? “It’s mostly about picking a place that behaves in a manner that’s consistent with your preferences, which means that you’ve got to be honest about why you chose the care home that you do? Many families have chosen The Manor Village because it does align with their own core values

The Manor Villages combine elegant retirement homes with quality care. We’re the community with heart. To help you navigate conversations about possibly moving your elderly parents out of their home, contact The Manor Village at 403-686-8386