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Moving Hearts & Moving House – Assisted & Independent Living

Things tend to be up in the air when you’re moving house, and you might not get to take everything you want. Our About Us section mentions a guiding principle, commitment from the heart.

When we show commitment from the heart, we really mean it. It’s not just something we put in our staff orientations and forget about. It’s all part of why our staff has chosen a path in Calgary’s senior living careers. Whether you’re in assisted or independent living at one of the Manor Village’s locations, moving house is a lot of work and requires a senior living staff eager to help.

When Should My Parents Move from Independent to Assisted Living? 

One thing we should always keep in mind for any community members is this: moving can be a tumultuous experience, and when we get older, the pressures of moving get worse rather than better. Not having everything the way it was in the new place is one of those things that can make it all just a little bit worse.

You might also have to choose some of your personal belongings to give up in the move. We do this all the time as younger and middle-aged adults. But it gets harder to let things go when you no longer need them absolutely. A move should ideally be exciting and comforting, and if we can minimize any sense of loss for the resident, we try to do that.

Visit our “Independent Living” Page for more ideas on what you can expect with independent living. Moving from independent living, where you live with minimal support, to assisted living, where you come to rely on help with everyday chores, is a big step, but it’s one we can talk you through.

Whether you’re moving from independent living to assisted living or simply moving from one floor to the next, the stresses of doing so remain the same. When a resident has to move, we look out for them and try to help.

Showing Heart & Generosity with Pat’s Move

Photo of suite Pat is moving into with gifted maple bookcase on left

Our latest spotlight includes a letter about a resident’s move, demonstrating our staff’s sense of commitment from the heart at The Manor Village – Staywell, in southwest Calgary. They really went above and beyond their duties in helping one of our residents, Pat. Pat needed a move from a unit on the 4th floor down to the 1st, and the help she received came with unexpected gifts.

Ian Writes:

“Margie & Mike,

I thank you both for your invaluable help in moving Pat from the fourth floor to the first floor and for your gifts of the maple bookcase, which I can see on the immediate left in this living room photo attached, … and the jig-saw puzzle table and chairs, all of which Pat will much appreciate. 

You both did a spectacular job of setting up her apartment.”

Like we said, when you’re moving you might have to give up a preferred space, furniture, or belongings that make your place seem like home. But if you get something else you weren’t expecting, the move can be that much smoother and more fulfilling.

Ian C. let us know how our staff went above and beyond:

“[I’m] also sending a copy of this e-mail to The Staywell Executive Director, and the Staywell Wellness Director, who with you, planned and executed this necessary move…”

On behalf of all the executives and other key stakeholders here at The Manor Village, we thank you both for your generosity, kindness, and magnanimity. And for showing our residents that the place you work is a community, not just a place to live. Ian C. continues:

“[I]…would ask that they let Staywell’s Wellness Coordinator Fahreen, Jane, Myra and all her other Staff members, whose names I should have remembered, know how much I appreciate all that they have done, in this difficult Covid 19 period, for Pat.

Many thanks again and best wishes,

Ian C.”


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