The Manor Village

Living in Safety & Inspiration in 2022 with Calgary Seniors

Safety and inspiration starts daily for each senior resident living at The Manor Villages. 2022 is a year where we’re still dealing with the safety issues of COVID, but we’re doing all we can to maintain safety. In addition, we’re encouraging residents to keep their fitness and mobility top of mind, even as the pandemic restricts gatherings, venturing into public spaces, and more.

Residents will be better able to move about with well-developed mobility programs, and they’ll be able to do so safely thanks to our rapid antigen screening protocols. With everyone’s cooperation, we’ll be making great strides in safety and quality of life in the future. Our goals for the year are ones we hope you share!

Rapid Antigen Screening & Staying Safe

Safety is still a significant concern for independent and assisted living senior residents. The COVID-19 pandemic has demanded a careful eye and well-considered action plans.

We have learned a lot from the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to our staff’s unwavering commitment to protect residents and themselves. We are using every tool available to combat this highly infectious virus. Now, we’re making sure our staff is trained and equipped with Rapid Antigen Screening Tests that will enable us to detect a COVID infection prior to any individual becoming symptomatic and causing further spread. Contact us to learn the steps our staff associates take to administer these tests.

Mobility & Staying Inspired

woman helping elderly resident up staircase while both smile

A critical method of flourishing this year involves mobility. Independent living is an excellent accomplishment as our residents age. But one of the first things to challenge the independence of Manor Village residents is a gradual loss of physical mobility. 

Our mobility Stretch & Flex classes are intended to help each resident balance their mobility. We’ve found it’s tremendously helpful to develop programs to strengthen feet—leg—thigh muscles and ligaments.

While it’s not the first time we’ve recommended this program, we’re always looking at ways to improve and seal up any gaps in our strategy. Our recreation therapists now utilize new technology called the Balanced Tracking System to detect and monitor falling risks. They then set classes to strengthen muscles & ligaments for improved results and by attending to those who are prone to falls. This new technology can bolster regular efforts to monitor at-risk residents and gives them the confidence to turn mobility issues around.

The Manor Villages combine elegant retirement homes with quality care. We’re the Community with Heart™. To help you navigate conversations about mobility or if you are seeking assistance, contact The Manor Village at 403-686-8386.