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Memory Care Specialists

Our Hearts Memory Care lifestyle provides a safe and secure environment for those residents requiring guidance in a secure, structured and/or supportive neighbourhood.

Residents with cognitive decline require a special environment that is not only secure but engaging. Research shows memory loss with aging can be reduced with stimulating activities that help mitigate wandering, aggression and restlessness, which can result in slowing the aging process.
Residents with mobility issues can attend our morning stretch and flex programs, which are followed by calming and de-stressing with mindful meditation videos. A little later they are encouraged to engage in social activities which can help slow cognitive decline and reduce reliance on medications.
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Memory Care Services

Some of the services which can be enjoyed with Our Hearts Memory Care at a Manor Village include:

A safe and secure environment focusing on the unique and individual needs of each resident.

Personalized health and wellness care plan including assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming and medications (as required).

Emergency Call and Response System 24 hours/day plus a range of in-house health care professionals.

Nutritional meal program including three meals/day and snacks.

Social activities, housekeeping & laundry services and well appointed amenity areas (including our outdoor memory garden).

The Manor Village 
Montessori Method Activities

Developed around the need for people to feel useful, no matter what stage of life they are at.

We request the Resident’s family suggest familiar music that will enhance cognition and reduce anxiety—agitation—and lower stress in a variety of ways. Listening to songs from the past, promotes happy memories from past gatherings and social events. Music has the power to ignite these happy times from years ago which is most comforting.

Our Music Therapist is a marvel by hosting sing-alongs—hymns—holiday carols—and providing simple percussion instruments to engage Residents with sing-alongs. Each community has several schools where children singers may provide enjoyable entertainment for special occasions.

Through our Mindful Meditation videos we can encourage calmness by transporting a Resident with memory loss into realms of their life memories.

Our Travelogue series inspires treasured memories and events when our Residents were younger and enjoyed travelling.

Movies from the 50s to the 90s of well-liked shows  as well as our engaging, “Walk’s Down Memory Lane” are excellent to stimulate memories.

Boredom happens at all ages, even with seniors experiencing memory loss with aging. Our Activity Directors / Recreation Therapists have collections of puzzles or play games that inspire friendly competitions like Charades—Bingo—Bean Bag
Toss—or Problem Solving Differences in Pictures.

Favourite photos or paintings of  gatherings, past travel or events make for great discussions during family visits. These wall picture boards activate laughter about quality time together and activities stimulated by the photos. Hanging the Resident’s art helps express the mental memories that cannot be expressed verbally.

Interacting with Resident pets or visiting placid dogs decreases loneliness and increases positive feelings, recalling fond memories of pets-of-the-past. Being able to stroke the soft fur of a cat or dog can provide a familiar sensation or recollection for Residents with memory loss with aging.

Our brain subconsciously associated familiar scents with strong emotional memories like fresh cut grasses, Christmas trees, coffee, different foods like fresh apple pie and perfumes.

We know those Residents with memory loss love to touch and feel, various fabrics (for example a wedding dress fabric), and texture boards have been show to reduce aggression, and sometimes dementia tremors.

Residents moving to a Manor Village, always start with an interview that includes the family so we at The Manor Villages, become familiar with the noted activities and stimulations that impacts memories with their Loved–One.

This will provide an entry point for each Resident as they learn to transition through their new journey in life.

We celebrate all national days and even make-up special days that are FUN such as BINGO DAY or PUZZLE DAY or SING–ALONG DAY or NATIONAL WATERMELON DAY for lunch. This can involve Art, Song, Scents, Tactile Texture Boards.

Families will tell us their loved one enjoyed “Gardening”. There is nothing wrong with a Resident properly shielded from too much outdoor sun, sitting on a sturdy chair while they weed a comfort garden developed at sitting height.

Just imagine the pride when the flowers from their garden brighten up the dinner tables for the week?

This works extremely well even indoors, for those with anxious or aggressive behaviours from dementia.

Did you know… being socially active is a great mind stimulant and can help you avoid age-related memory loss?

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