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Our team of expert professionals provide our Residents with expert services and benefits that help make their lives as rich, fulfilling and healthy as possible.

Did you know… people can appear cognitively impaired if they have poor vision or hearing or are over-consuming medications? 

We ensure that our Residents don’t just live at a Manor Village; they enjoy an outstanding lifestyle.

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Executive Chef & Culinary Team

Elegant, freshly prepared, nutritious meals.


At The Manor Village, we believe  every meal served to our senior Residents should be memorable — for all the right reasons! Our Residents enjoy freshly prepared, well-balanced meals in our elegant and spacious dining rooms. They can even invite family and friends to dine with them.

So often, retirement homes food is bland, disappointing and not always suitable for aging digestive systems. At The Manor Village, we have created a unique recipe book of dishes and cuisine that have been developed by experts especially for senior digestive systems.

Health & Wellness Team

Experienced Professionals dedicated to Health and Wellness.

The Manor Village Wellness Directors and Coordinators promote a lifestyle model based on wellness to help our Residents remain strong, healthy and independent for as long as possible. They work in close collaboration with the Residents and their family physician in order to ensure the best care possible in senior living.

Our team meets with each new Resident for a personalized Health and Wellness Planning Session and is available to them throughout their stay.

Massage Therapist

Relaxing, Theraputic Senior Specific Massage


Massage therapy is an important part of the comprehensive health and wellness services that keep our Residents, healthy, mobile and living independent lives for longer.

After a full medical history is taken, our gentle, senior approved massage services are available in-house or in the privacy of a Resident’s suite, so they can enjoy the benefits without any need to travel to a clinic.

Sleep Experts

Older people need the same amount of sleep as younger people


Regrettably, many seniors believe the myth that older people need less sleep so they attribute their problems sleeping as just a “normal” part of the aging process. At The Manor Village Life Centers, we understand the importance of sleep and treating sleep disorders.

Sleep is vital to everyone’s health, well being and mental agility, whatever a person’s age. Left untreated, sleep disorders and insomnia can affect all aspects of life; mental, physical and social.

Podiatrists & Orthotic Specialists

Expert Foot Care for Seniors


Healthy feet are important to a long healthy life. As we age, foot problems can put our health and independence at risk.

Our team works hard to keep our Residents’ feet healthy, and also keep mobile for longer. Our podiatrist comes to them, so they don’t have to travel to a foot clinic or miss out on any activities. In a dedicated treatment room at their Manor Village, the podiatrist can help with basic foot care, help with common problems such as bunions and corns and nail and skin care. They also offers screenings to detect and treat foot problems such as plantar fasciitis.

Geriatric Pharmacist

It is Crucial to Understand the Medications


Proper medication management is critical to overall health. It’s common to find that seniors are taking multiple prescription, as well as over-the-counter medications. Our specialist geriatric pharmacists are much valued members of the Manor Villages’ team.

Their expertise and in-depth knowledge help our Residents receive the maximum benefit from their medications with the minimum amount of side effects possible. One way they do this is by identifying possible contradictions in the often complex mix of medications some Residents are prescribed.

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Mobility Specialists

Regular Exercise Provides Health Benefits


Exercise classes, specifically designed for seniors, play a vital role in preserving fitness, mobility and independence. We offer both group classes and specific one-on-one instruction.

A study by the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society examined exercise in the elderly and found that training led to improvements in functional reach and balance and reduced the participants’ fear of falling by gaining the stability necessary to help keepthem on their feet and injury-free.

Activity & Lifestyle Team

Memorable Senior-Appropriate Events and Activities

™At The Manor Village we firmly believe in not just ‘Adding Years to Your Life but Life to Your Years™’. No one does that better than our outstanding Activity and Lifestyle Team.

Whether it’s an outing or an afternoon tea, our experienced and innovative team strives to ensure  all Manor Village activities are engaging and appropriate for our senior Residents, as well as their friends and family members. Whatever your interests might be, there will be something on our monthly activity calendar to catch the eye.

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Housekeeping Team

Your Home, Our Care


Think of all the things a person could do if only they didn’t have to do the housework or chores? Well, now’s the time.

Let us take on the burden of housework, washing, cleaning and home maintenance. Whether it’s changing the bed linen or a lightbulb, our Housekeeping Team offers complete freedom from home maintenance. This frees up the time to focus on enjoying your pursuits and enhancing the enjoyment of life, for true independent living.

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