Fall Prevention Program


The Manor Village, along with the Academy of Aging has developed a program to facilitate our Residents key goal of Preserving Independence™. We provide a number of services that when utilized may help reduce the risk
of falls.

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Health & Wellness Assessment

Prior to occupancy at The Manor Village, and/or at regular intervals throughout residency, Residents undergo a comprehensive health and wellness assessment which includes:

  • Medical / health history
  • Fall Risk Screening
  • One-on-one counselling to help mitigate the risk of falling

Balance Tracking System

We are pleased to offer a unique Balance Tracking Treatment Program which includes an initial personalized Balance Assessment as well as ongoing Balance Training on our Balance Tracking Equipment only available at the Manor Villages and through the Academy of Aging.



  • We offer a personalized, comprehensive Medication Review with a geriatric-focused Pharmacist which includes:
  • Checking for combinations of drugs which may contribute to falls
  • Suggestions for appropriate drug alternatives that may help to reduce the risk of falls
  • Ensure medications are taken exactly as directed and at the best time of day to help prevent falls.

Mobility Specialist Services

Regular participation in exercises can help improve balance, stamina and stability. Our Recreation Team schedules regular onsite exercise, balance training and fall prevention classes. See your Activity Calendar for set dates and times of our classes, or speak directly to our Activity Director to learn more about programs offered.


We offer regular sessions on Mindfulness Meditation which provide numerous techniques which can be used daily to help maintain balance and reduce falls.

Podiatry / Pedorthist Services

As we age and change, our feet age and change with us. Footwear that was once comfortable and functional may no longer be appropriate. Our Wellness Team can refer you to our podiatry services provider to assess your current footwear needs.

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Your Environment

Much like other aspects of your health, Fall Prevention starts with you. Here are some simple tips and changes to your environment you can use to mitigate your risk of falls:

  • Remove objects that you may trip over (eg. cords, area rugs)
  • Improve lighting – poor lighting can hide risks
  • Take care on wet or slippery surfaces – if you spill something, wipe it up immediately
  • Don’t wear unstable or ill-fitting footwear
  • Keep traffic areas and living spaces uncluttered
  • Remove unstable or inappropriately designed furniture

If you would like assistance in assessing your suite for fall risks, please contact your Activity Director who will be happy to conduct an environmental