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Enhanced Personal Care Services

Dignified Living – Adding life to years

Enhanced Personal Care Services

Our quality enhanced care for comfortable senior living is more than just nourishing cuisine from our skilled chefs or entertaining activities to keep the mind active — our caring, specially trained staff is here to help with even advanced care requirements. 

Skilled Nursing staff and associates provide 24/7 assistance, enabling an atmosphere of calmness and comfort that promotes dignity, as well as a compassionate environment for treatment therapy, medication reviews, and a wide range of daily living services.

Available at Fish Creek Park, StayWell & Varsity locations.

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Enhanced Personal Care Service

Our dignity-for-life programs are based on facilitating health issues such as stroke or respiratory illness or Parkinson’s disease. We can even help with pre/post joint replacement surgery care, whether it is for a short-term or long-term stay. Our focus is always Adding Life to Years™ by helping those who can recover do so as quickly as possible, as well as maintaining a stabilized and dignified life for those requiring long term assistance.

Some of the services which can be enjoyed with Enhanced Personal Care Services at a Manor Village include:

A safe and secure environment focusing on the unique and individual needs of each resident

Personalized health and wellness care plan including assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming and medications (as required).

Emergency Call and Response System 24 hours/day plus a range of in-house health care professionals.

Nutritional meal program including three meals/day and snacks.

Social activities, housekeeping & laundry services and well appointed amenity areas (including our  garden).

Did you know… being socially active is a great mind stimulant and can help you avoid age-related memory loss?

Clever-Vision 24/7 Monitoring

People want to feel personally centered which means, we understand their past in order to best meet their personal interests and age-related abilities.

For those who require “Enhanced Personal Care Services”, we do not want to simulate or repeat the mistakes of Long-Term Care. One way we are we do this is by utilizing new technology for monitoring and communication that provides the highest quality of resident’s comfort.

Long Term Care is replaced with Enhanced Personal Care Services.

A DAY IN LIFE of Meaningful Enhanced Personal Care Services

Enhanced Care is intended to be an improvement to traditional Long–Term Care. Our day varies with the seasons, but many traditions remain the same, year-round.

The morning radio wakes our Residents to their favorite music plus the news,
followed by a reminder for the 10:30 mobility classes that are coached in various
levels; both sitting or standing—flexing and stretching. A TULSI TEA is offered
after viewing our de–stressing mindful meditation videos.

The Medallion Dining Room and Garden Café offer a mid–day meal with nutritious
options, and most of all time to socialize with new neighbours and friends at The
Manor Villages.

Quiet Time for a nap and perhaps watch your Smart Television for exploring the
planned engagement activities for tomorrow. Some residents engage in the 90–
day Balanced Tracking Therapy to mitigate falls.

A combination of a Music Class or Arts & Crafts or perhaps the popular
stimulating memory classes for FUN by challenging your neighbours and friends
as you work to remember your history by “Walking Down Memory Lane” —virtually.

Snack Time with healthy alternatives to fit individual diets, while discussing about
anything and everything with others.This is also the time that scheduled bus trips
are planned to various parks or grocery stores or interesting activities scheduled in
the City.

Dinner Time with many of your favorite nutritious meals such as Chicken Stir Fry—
Beef Stew and vegetables—fresh Rainbow Trout with salad. Each meal always
starts with a fruit cocktail to help the digestive system to metabolize the foods you

There is much planned each evening. Card Games or BINGO with the neighbours
or Movie Night are three of the favorites. Sometimes a resident would like to have
a discussion evening about a range of topics, such as the evening travelogue, and
their personal experiences.
Bedtime is usually 9:00 to 9:30 pm to ensure you are well rested to enjoy the next
day with interesting entertainment and socialization with activities.

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