Daily Living Services

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Daily Living Comforts

Each Manor Village Life Center is unique, including features that benefit those who require specific needs and support for Daily Living Comfort.

For almost 30 years, the skilled staff at the Manor Village Life Centers have been committed to Adding Life to Years for our Residents with:

Morning stretch and exercise classes

Social and game interaction with others

Menu choices for healthy cuisine

Programs for retaining memory with aging

Cultural events, outdoor walks, interesting activities, but most importantly…showing that we care!

Use the chart below to see which services are offered at each of our locations.

Did you know… Heart & artery clogging diseases can be reversed when caught early on?

Daily Living Services

This chart is an easy read to identify preferred locations for dignified living.
Signature Park
Huntington Hills
Garrison Woods
Rocky Ridge
Staywell Manor
London, Ontario
Groves of Varsity
Fish Creek Park
Currie Green
Independent Living with Services         
Assisted Living with Support         
Memory Care with Security