Keeping mobile this Fall

At this time of year, our Canadian trees seem to almost burn red with rich leaf colours. It’s a magnificent sight, which encourages us to get out and admire Nature’s glorious display for ourselves in the Rocky Mountains near our Calgary senior living communities.

Canadian maples leaves during fall


It’s also a sign that the days are getting shorted, and for many seniors, the start of a long period where getting out and about is not so easy. We might be more inclined to stay inside in the warm and dry, and avoid the mobility challenges of slippery leaves, followed by frosts, snow and ice.



Keeping active in Fall and winter


From now until Spring, keeping active is a balancing act between the need to exercise and enjoy social contact and also reduce the risks of falls and slips. For many seniors, even a small fall can reduce confidence, and reduce their ability to keep mobile and active.


At The Manor Village Canada, we recognise the importance of exercise and mobility for our Residents, and we put senior-specific exercise at the core of daily activity in all our communities. As one of our mobility experts says:


”Staying physically active and exercising regularly can help prevent or delay many diseases and disabilities. Exercise and physical activity are among the healthiest things our Residents can do for themselves and I love working with them to help them preserve their independence.”

A Manor Village Mobility Specialist



Mobility and independent living for seniors


For our Residents, mobility and independence are inseparable. We devise a unique mobility program for each and every Resident that includes enjoyable group classes and individual instruction to:


  • Build core strength
  • Increase range of motion
  • Improve balance
  • Maintain motivation



Cognitive benefits of exercise


There are lots of other benefits to our exercise and mobility activities, including improving brain and cognitive function. According to research by the Harvard Medical School, aerobic exercise appears to boost the size of the brain’s hippocampus area, the area involved in verbal memory and learning. Exercise can also reduce stress and anxiety, which in turn helps to improve the quality of sleep and your overall mood.



Social and emotional benefits of exercise


At The Manor Village, our Residents love their exercise classes because it’s a great social event. Every class is tailored to the needs of the Residents, often with chair-based alternatives to specific exercises. So, everyone can join in and benefit at their own level, under the expert supervision of a professional who knows all about ageing joint and creaking knees!



A holistic approach to senior health


The core principal of every Manor Village retirement community is Preserving Independence. At the heart of our approach is a personalized Wellness Plan deigned to support senior independent living, which encompasses all aspects of life here.


  • Our dedicated Activity and Lifestyles teams organise shopping trips to cultural outings, that helps Residents be mobile, socially engaged and part of the wider local community.
  • Our team of chefs prepare healthy, balanced meals using local and seasonal produce whenever possible, served at times to suit senior digestions.
  • Every senior living community has its own team of visiting specialists, including podiatrists for foot care, massage therapists, special, geriatric pharmacists, and sleep experts.
  • All our suites have emergency response systems, so if a Resident needs our help urgently, we will be there quickly.



Making life easier


Senior living isn’t just about health! We enable our Residents to enjoy each day to the fullest whatever they like to do.


  • We provide a wealth of in-house entertainment, so when the weather outside is frightful, our fireside games and visiting musicians are definitely delightful!
  • Our grounds team ensure our paths, walkways and gardens are kept free of leaves and snow, a chore most Residents are more than happy to no longer do.
  • Our Manor Village drivers enjoy taking Residents out on trips, to events and also to private appointments, whatever the weather.
  • Our Carefree Living housekeeping and maintenance team do all those home chores none of us really enjoy, from cleaning and laundry to dripping faucets or changing a lightbulb!



Come in and see us


If you’re finding living in your own home is becoming too much, or you are worried about ageing parents coping as winter approaches, do come and see what The Manor Village offers. Call us to arrange a personalized visit to any one of our Calgary and London ON senior living communities.