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I Think My Parents’ are Struggling with their Mobility. What are some signs that I should be looking for?

Don’t Let Your Parents’ Mobility Spiral. I experienced this myself…

Growing old is difficult for most people. Watching our own parent’s health decline is quite often another story.  

We want to believe that mom and dad will stay healthy physically and emotionally as they get well into their elder years. For me, that did not happen with my mother.  

Even before the inevitable happened, I noticed that my mother was no longer moving around freely and was having difficulty getting in and out of her chair. She was never one to be active, and for that reason alone, I thought to myself that this could become debilitating if left unattended. And that it did; she had not one, but two falls, and now continually expresses an enormous amount of pain at the smallest movement.  

It also affected her emotionally as she realized that she could no longer engage in activities that gave her pleasure. She also lost a certain amount of independence and had to rely on me for support and help with some of her basic needs. 

For her, the mobility issues escalated into what is now termed, a “mobility disability”, with little room for reversing the damage that has been done. If I had known what to look for before it got to this stage, perhaps, just perhaps, things would not have turned out the way they have.

Signs To Look For In Mobility Issues

Some signs that your parents may be experiencing mobility issues include but are not limited to and may need senior living:

  • Balance issues (can include dizziness and vertigo) 
  • Unsteady walking (looking like they are going to fall) 
  • Difficulty getting in and out of chairs or walking up and down the stairs 
  • Skipping exercise or mobility activities



There are more subtle signs such as poor hygiene and a not-so-cleanly house as these become very difficult to manage. 

Those are the signs I missed and an understanding of the reasons behind them. It’s why if these signs are evident, you can always turn to the experts for help. 

(Nutrition is essential for better body health. Read these valuable tips for seniors

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Support Your Parents With Care 

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The Manor Village Life Centres have numerous programs and services to help seniors lessen the chance of obtaining mobility issues. These programs and hands-on specialists focus on all components of fitness; there are strength classes, stretch and flex, balance and posture training and classes that focus on cardio.  

They also offer fall prevention services to ensure that your parents are safe at all times. 

The best thing is to remain active. An increase in fitness can improve a senior’s health, increase their self-confidence and coordination, all of which can have lifelong health benefits.

Check us out; you never know what you will learn 😊

The Manor Villages combine elegant retirement homes with quality care. We’re the community with heart. To help you navigate conversations about mobility or if you are seeking assistance, contact The Manor Village at 403-686-8386. And if you’d like to know about retirement homes near you (or your parents), you can start by checking our ‘Locations’ here