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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Your Retirement Home in Calgary?

Living in a senior living community costs less than you think – particularly at The Manor Village. 

Senior Living Costs: Upfront & Beyond

When it comes to senior living, care levels may vary depending on your needs as you age. While this is an excellent option, it can also be challenging to make long-term predictions on a scheduled budget for your lifestyle. This is where The Manor Village makes life easy. 

Certain hospitality and care services are included in your monthly lifestyle fees. Any additional level of care comes with additional fees as they become more prominent in your day-to-day tasks. The Monthly Lease Agreements are flexible in that they require a simple deposit process upon entering the Agreement; then, it is a standard monthly fee moving forward.

To know your actual costs, you’ll need to visit our retirement homes with our Lifestyle Marketing Professional as they will set up a personal wellness assessment with our Wellness Director to establish the healthiest and safest way to live in our Community, determining which level of care is best suited for you or your loved ones. 

Many individuals decide to benefit from some care and hospitality services before they feel they “need” them, so they enjoy their current mobility, flexibility in schedule and proactively stay healthy, knowing that this is the best way to prevent an issue before it even becomes one. Either way, you will know the price bracket you stand-in.

Remember that when you make your home in a senior living community, those homeownership costs for taxes, insurance, utilities, repairs and so forth are all covered by your monthly fee. Even broken-down appliances (and burned-out light bulbs!) can be replaced at no additional cost – and those replacements typically happen immediately. Your family has peace of mind knowing that all you need to stay well is in place, thanks to our skilled on-hands specialists

Additionally, there are meal plans in place, recreation and entertainment, a fitness center, a library, beauty salon/barbershop, crafts, bus outings and transportation– and it’s in your monthly fee! In fact, our communities’ services and amenities are what make everyday living simpler – it’s all made possible by the monthly payment. Isn’t that why you’re considering making the move?

retirement homes calgary

Our Retirement Homes Offer a Wide Variety of Choices

Our independent living communities include full calendars of life enrichment programs and events, plus transportation, wellness opportunities, trash removal, maintenance, and repairs. Some Manor Village retirement homes offer additional à la carte services such as housekeeping/deep clean, helper services and laundry.

Average costs of our independent living communities are varied; based on a variety of factors, such as location, levels of care available in that building, and also the value in being close to shops, walk-areas and underground parking/storage. If you were considering a regular 55+ condo, imagine the services and fees associated with all of the additional add-ons. With The All-Inclusive Monthly Fees at The Manor, there are no surprises, only positive outcomes in all your body, your bank account and your social life.

Seniors assessed for assisted living services find it’s to maintain their independence in a private apartment while having around-the-clock support from 24/7 wellness on site. The most commonly needed services in assisted living are medication reminders and personal care (bathing, grooming, dressing). Housekeeping, meals, laundry and life enrichment programs are included, but they are for independent living as well! Some form of transportation service is usually offered. Average costs for assisted living will vary too, the best resource is your Lifestyle Marketing Professional to guide you through the floorplans and the benefits of our senior-in-mind designed suites.

Assisted living, skilled nursing, enhanced care, memory careshort stays, palliative care, rehabilitation services – depending on the services your location provides, and the residential contract you select, you’ll have a care plan in place at a Manor Village Community. Better yet, you’ll have it at a cost that’s much lower than what you would pay for an in-house care service provider – missing out on all the fun of our retirement homes. 

"After all, why wait until retirement to discount your dreams of Living Well?"

Compare The Actual Costs of Retirement Homes Before Deciding

You need to do your homework. Calculate your home costs and assess what care will add to your monthly expenses before concluding that aging at home is a cheaper alternative. 

Keep in mind as a reference, an in-home care nurse averages around $30/hour; if that were 2 hours a day for a month, it’s about $1680/month. That would be on top of taxes, lawn maintenance, housekeeping fees, meals, repairs, utilities – oh my! 

If you’re reading this now, it means moving and money are both on your mind. Talk to a Professional Lifestyle Consultant and learn about your options for your senior living options.

After all, why wait until retirement to discount your dreams of Living Well?

retirement homes calgary

The Manor Villages combine elegant retirement homes with quality care. We’re the community with heart. To help you navigate conversations about possibly moving your elderly parents out of their home, contact The Manor Village at 403-686-8386. Book a personalized visit today and see that the proof is in the pudding…no seriously, stay for lunch!