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Covid Updates

A message from our president: Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updates

How Did You Support & Increase Socialization at Your Retirement Homes During COVID?

At the start of COVID, we had to limit the activities to keep everyone safe. 

There were no bus trips or shopping. And while we had to restrict visitors in the building, we could help keep them in touch with family through Zoom and Skype. In addition, the way our retirement homes are set up, families could visit from the outside while the resident was inside.

These visits from family were special and wholesome, and we cherished them deeply, particularly during the early outbreak of COVID. 

Yet, we persevered, and while the COVID continued to wreak havoc, we stood our ground and committed to supporting our residents with active engagement and socialization.

This is how we did it.

How We Maintain Our Senior Living During COVID

As we were slowly creating a bubble around the residents, we were able to keep our residents socially active. 

We continued to maintain small sizes for activities meaning we were doing more than one class of exercise or crafts at times. 

With the mobility class, we have ended it with a Mindful Meditation that most enjoy. We did theme days to help keep everyone engaged. From wearing different shoes to colours, making our hair look funny helped keep people talking. We have acknowledged stars’ birthdays, departments, cultures, and everything we can think of. For birthdays, we brought along fire trucks and pipes. 

Documentaries, travels, history, sing-alongs, trivia games, and even old TV shows all contributed to keeping everyone engaged and socialized. 

(“We knew this was a special place” – Read this marvellous and touching review from one of our families

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retirement homes calgary

We even jumped on the Internet and explored; YouTube and Ted Talks helped, while our own Seeing is Believing Programs helped alleviate any boredom. Our residents in assisted living have thrived and benefitted from these amazing programs. 

2020 was the hardest as no one really knew how long COVID would last and what types of changes would work. But by 2021, we had adapted and kept everyone in the building safe and happy.

The residents here have said how much they appreciated all the work the Activities Department and the other staff have done to help keep them from feeling isolated while still having fun and staying engaged. Even going around and visiting residents in their suites was a much appreciated event.

"We can now take a small group out for drives as long as we do not get off the bus. At one point, the closest to being outside was sitting on chairs in the front of the building during the summer."

Moving Forward at Our Retirement Homes

While we remain vigilant, we are slowly opening ourselves and our residents to more of the world. 

We can now take a small group out for drives as long as we do not get off the bus. At one point, the closest to being outside was sitting on chairs in the front of the building during the summer.

But that’s changing. 

The rise in vaccinations, the fall of cases and the lifting of restrictions mean everything is slowly going back to normal.

Yet, despite the difficulties, we cherished the events of the past year and how they brought us closer to the residents and their families. 

We hope for better things for all of us in the second half of 2021 and beyond. 

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