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Christmas 2018: the perfect gift for seniors

Finding the perfect Christmas gift is often tricky. When it comes to choosing for a senior friend or family member, we often need to conjure all our powers of imagination! What do you buy for the person with a lifetime’s accumulation of possessions? Time to start thinking outside of the box.

Sometimes just spending quality time together and raising a smile means so much more than that perfectly wrapped gift from Marshall’s. So, look no further this Christmas. We have all the inspiration you’ll need to bring seniors a generous sprinkling of seasonal sparkle.

It’s all about the experience

Why not make your gift a special day, or night, out? Choose an experience you’ll both enjoy and set a date. Here are just a few ideas for senior-friendly outings:

  • Tickets to a movie matinee.
  • A senior pass for unlimited admission to a local museum.
  • A subscription to a local theatre or concert hall.
  • Tickets to a sporting event. Remember, they don’t have to be the best seats. Just attending a game can be so much more fun than watching a favourite team on TV.
  • A spa day! Yes, seniors love to be pampered too! Make spa staff aware of any mobility, physical or medical needs your special senior may have, so they can help you choose the most suitable treatments.

Your treat doesn’t need to be expensive to be meaningful – and look out for discounts! Seniors in Calgary and London can choose from a whole range of discounted and free events throughout the holiday season and beyond. So, why not take advantage of them! Just search the listings on the Eventbrite website.

A very hobby Christmas

Take the time to find out what your senior friends and family enjoy doing in their spare time. Hobbies, especially arts and crafts, are a great source of ideas for gifts, such as:

  • An interesting pattern and some new wool for an avid knitter
  • New canvasses, brushes or paints for a painter
  • Fat quarters and threads for a quilter

Try something new

Maybe there is something that your mom, dad, grandma or grandpa always wanted to try which now you could start doing together. Perhaps go bird watching or start a woodwork or pottery class. You could even go skydiving – Australian Irene O’Shea entered the Guinness Book of Records this month as the world’s oldest skydiver at the magnificent age of 102 years and 194 days!

The gift of time

There are so many wonderful ways you can spend quality time with senior friends and family. Even just helping around the house or with the yard work can be fun if the conversation is flowing. For a little more excitement, why not purchase a simple gift which gives a clue as to how you would like to spend more time with them in future. For example:

  • A colourful appointment calendar already marked up with once-a-month lunch dates. This could be precious, especially for someone who spends most of their time alone.
  • A scrapbook, photo album or memory box for collecting together all their family photos and keepsakes. Reserve a date to help them with the task. They will love telling you all their old stories as they sort through their mementos.
  • Sign them up for a genealogy website, and start to build your family tree together. Capture those precious family names and connections that sometimes only remain in people’s memories

Goodwill to all men …

Keep a watchful eye for those who might be vulnerable or lonely this festive season. Make a little time to say “hi” to an elderly neighbour and check on their welfare, especially when the weather might prevent them getting out and about, If you know someone who doesn’t have family around them this year, why not invite them over for Christmas dinner, or a lunch just before New Year?

A very special Christmas at the Manor Village

At The Manor Village, we strive to make Christmas special for all our Residents. From carols around the piano to local Christmas lights tours, our December events calendars are packed with festive fun. Why not experience some of our celebrations for yourself?

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