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All change or no change: moving on from independent living

if you have a loved one with the early signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s you may already have helped them to move from their family home to a senior living community with a level of care that’s more suited to their needs.

However, dementia is a progressive condition, as the UK Alzheimer’s Society explains:

“All types of dementia are progressive. This means that the structure and chemistry of the brain become increasingly damaged over time.  How quickly dementia progresses depends on the individual. Each person is unique and experiences dementia in their own way. In almost all cases, there comes a point when that initial level of care is no longer sufficient.”

So, just at the point when dementia patients’s ability to understand their world and remember important details is declining, they potentially need to move to a whole new environment. It’s not an ideal scenario by any means.

Gently does it

At The Manor Village Life Centres, our founder Garth Mann recognised the opportunity for a smooth transition from one level of senior care to another. So, all our senior living communities in Calgary, London ON and in the US offer Independent Living, supported by services and activities designed to add life to years.

For those Residents whose needs change over time, many of our Manor Villages Life Centres offer a higher level of Assisted Living with additional support services. Residents can stay in the community they know and love, but with just the extra care and level of support they require.

They can also continue to enjoy our varied program of social interaction, healthy eating, memory retention activities and cultural events with their friends and fellow Residents.

Physical exercise and dementia

Central to our Health and Wellness plan for each Resident are tailored morning stretch and exercise sessions. As a guide from Dementia Australia explains:,

“Physical exercise should be continued for as long as possible for people with dementia, as it has been found to have a number of benefits. It can help prevent muscle weakness, mobility problems and other health complications associated with inactivity. It can help promote a normal day-night routine, improve mood and increase social participation. Exercise also plays a part in reducing stress and depression, which are commonly experienced by people with dementia.”

By simply moving from one level of care to another within the same community, our team ensure a continuity of stretch classes and exercises that Resident are familiar with and are then tailored to their changing capabilities.

Assisted living to memory care

For those with progressive dementia, the time will usually come where they need the level of care and security of a dedicated memory care community. At selected Manor Village Life Centres, the Our Hearts Memory Care is simply another floor or section of their senior community building. Our Hearts Memory Care Residents may have their own dining room and secure space, but it’s still part of the whole community. There is no confusing move across town or farther afield, just the minimal disruption of simply moving from one senior suite to another.

In Calgary, our Staywell Manor, Groves of Varsity, and Fish Creek Park locations offer all three levels of daily living comfort options as does The Manor Village in London, Ontario. Our Hearts Memory Care will also be available at our new Manor Village Life Centre at Currie Green Calgary (currently under development).

Need to move a loved one to a Memory Care community?

If you’re already in the process of planning a move for a loved one with dementia, this Seniorlink article has 50 tips on making the move as stress-free as possible for all concerned. The number one tip is:

“Before choosing a memory care facility, research facilities and their amenities to know whether it is the right choice for your loved one. Know the community policies and procedures, the security available, and the features and treatments available.”

It’s a tip we 100% endorse! So, why not book a personalised tour of any of our Manor Village Life Centres, and see for yourself our exceptional levels of senior care in our safe and friendly communities. Just click here to book.