Baby boomers, our healthy grandparent generation

As Canada’s baby boomers enter retirement, they are healthier, fitter and more financially prepared than any generation before. They can look forward to years of activity, including significant timespans of “healthy grandparenthood” spent with their grandchildren.

A recent study by Western University in London, Ont. showed that the trend for parents to delay parenthood is offset by grandparents being active for longer too. A man currently in middle age can expect to be grandparents for 19 years, and a woman as long as 23 years.

“Grandparents have significantly more healthy years overlapping with grandchildren than they did two decades ago.”

Home ownership and grandparenting

Many seniors might consider that still living in your own home is an essential part of being a grandparent. However, we find our Residents at The Manor Village senior communities love spending time with their grandchildren, and have more time to do so precisely because they don’t live in their old home anymore!

Living in a house that no longer fits your and your family’s need can be a major drain on financial resources – and your spare time. Older homes often need more upkeep to roofs, windows and external features such as decking and cladding. Inside, there are continual ongoing maintenance costs such as furnace or HVAC system servicing, plus all the associated utility bills. These gobble up precious time during family visits with a list of chores, repairs and requests, leaving less time to just have fun.

More rooms than residents?

Once children have flown the nest and have families of their own, they are far less likely to stay overnight or for holidays. So, bedrooms can stand empty for most months of the year, unused and unrequired.

Add in the cost, expense and disruption of adapting your home for changes in your mobility and healthcare requirements, and it’s easy to see why moving to a purpose built senior community makes economic sense.

Preserving Independence

At the Manor Village, Preserving Independence is a core value of everything we do. Our integrated approach ensures that our senior living communities in the Calgary area offer true independent living as an option. After all, our Residents simply gave up their old homes, not their old lifestyles!

We recognise that moving to our purpose-built locations should give senior more freedom to do what they want, when they want.

  • Our Health and Wellness team create a Personalized Wellness Plan for every Resident.
  • The Carefree Living team take care of the housework and maintenance of our purpose-built buildings.
  • The Manor Village chefs prepare fresh, healthy meal options specially designed for senior digestions.
  • Our mobility specialist work to enable Residents to be active for longer.
  • The Activity and Lifestyle team create a packed activity program every month, including in-house craft activities, daily outings, shopping trips, live entertainment, meals in local restaurants and more.
  • Our gardeners team keep our grounds looking great and our paths free of winter snow, a job every Resident has been more than be glad to stop doing!

Time to enjoy together

With such a wealth of support in place, our Residents can enjoy every minute of their visits from family and grandchildren. They can spend quality time doing whatever the family enjoys, and relax in the peace and quiet of their own suite when the exhausted grandchildren have finally gone home!

Come and see our home from home

For more details on making a Manor Village your home, call us. We’ll happily arrange a personalized visit to any of our senior living communities in Calgary Alberta, and our state of the art community in London Ontario.