Avoiding Memory Loss with Aging

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Memory Loss with Aging is NOT a given!

The commitment of the professionals at The Manor Village Life Centers is to educate care-providers, and to coach seniors and their families to recognize that a high percentage of memory loss with aging is preventable…when treated early.

We have identified 7 steps to help avoid dementia!

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Understanding Dementia:

Many Seniors who experience Memory Loss with Aging are unaware of the changes in their short-term memory and function. It is often their family members who are the first to notice.

As the body ages, so does the brain. Since our brain controls most of our bodily functions, some decline can be expected in the function-ability of our memory with aging. However, when our memory progresses beyond forgetting where we placed our keys, and daily living becomes significantly disrupted by consecutive moments of forgetfulness, there may be a problem developing.

Just like our cardiovascular system, our brain responds to our lifestyle. The following STEPS for avoiding dementia relate to many factors. Depression, poor nutrition & diet, lack of exercise & sleep, high blood sugar, low thyroid function, substance abuse; deficiencies in vitamin D, B6, B12, omega-3, and folate; as well as continual stress all contribute to the incidence of dementia.

Memory Care is available at The Staywell, Varsity and Fish Creek Park locations.