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4 Revealing Things to pay attention to while visiting your parents this holiday: What Now? (Part 2)

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senior living calgary

What Now?! – After noticing concerning signs of Aging “The Talk”

First, have an honest conversation with your loved one about their current circumstances and both of your concerns. Recommend making an appointment with their doctor for a full check up. The outcome will help you work together to determine what next steps are necessary to keep them safe, happy and healthy. This also provides an opportunity to talk about proactive decision-making for finances, senior living residence’s with care on site, and making a plan while the decisions are still theirs and options are open.

Identify Resources

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You’d think around the holiday’s it might be difficult to reach offices, but our Manor Village team works 365 days a year, 24/7 to answer calls and emails!

Sit down with the family to create a current list of people they talk to on a regular basis. This list should include other family members, friends, neighbours and possibly clergy you can trust to keep an eye on your loved one and contact information in the event of an emergency. Keep this on/on top of the fridge – this is the first place paramedics check!

The To-Do List

If you realize that your loved one is showing signs of needing support at home, now’s the time to assemble the to-do list to put into action. This list consists of three main categories: medical, legal and financial.

You’ll want to develop a complete medical record for your loved one, including their health conditions, current prescriptions, and doctors’ names and contact information. This is extremely helpful for you to have on file, and your loved one can keep a condensed copy on hand for both routine appointments and medical emergencies.