Why retire to London, ON

When you’re searching for senior living communities or the best place to retire in Canada, what are the most important features you look for?

  • a friendly, welcoming community
  • lots to see and do in the area
  • efficient transport system and links
  • year-round facilities and activities
  • access to best practice healthcare
  • high quality accommodation
London Ontario skyline - a great place to retire

When we were looking for new locations to establish The Manor Village Life Centres, we looked at much the same list too, and London Ontario ticked all the boxes.

Retirement in London, ON

We weren’t the only ones to think so. In a report (1), Warren Bland, Professor Emeritus of Geography at California State University, ranked London ON at the third best place to retire in North America. His report considered 12 criteria retirees should consider, such as location, local environment, climate, cost of living, health care and transport.

Leafy London

London ON over looks the Thames River where it forks, providing a great focal point for riverside parks and walks. Known as “The Forest City”, London has over 160,000 trees lining its city streets and shading its many parks in summer.

The full four seasons

London enjoys four clearly defined seasons, with summers sunny and warm, and winters crisp and cold, but not nearly as freezing or snow-bound as other parts of Canada. So, life in London continues apace all year round, which is one reason this city is busy and business is booming.

Excellent infrastructure and transport

Londoners love to get out and socialise, and the efficient transit system ensures they can leave the car behind if they wish. Whether shopping in some of the superb malls, or travelling to visit friends by rail or bus, getting around London is easy any time of year. With London International Airport just 15 minutes from the city center, it’s also simple to fly to visit family and friends in Canada, the US and beyond.

A cultural city

London offers a whole range of cultural events, either at the city’s theaters and music venues, the museums, the Fanshae Pioneer Village or at various college and university venues. There’s lots of festivals to enjoy too, including the popular Honey Festival, Home County Music and Art Festival, and the finger-lickin’ good Rib Festival.

Sports for all

Londoners also love their sports, so there’s always an ice hockey game, baseball, soccer, curling or swimming match to enjoy. Play golf at one of the city’s courses, fish in the Lakes, or even ski at one of the local ski parks within an easy drive of London. The city has plenty of cycle paths and walking trails too.

Healthcare in London ON

Health care is a big concern for many retirees, and this is where London ON scores so highly. The Western University is a leading light in medical and healthcare research, and combined with the excellent hospital provision, London residents of all ages have access to the very latest medical facilities and cutting-edge practices in Canada.

Bringing advanced medical care to the community

Creating a Manor Village community in London ON also offered us the opportunity to add another service for our Residents and the local community – a state of the art medical clinic focussing on lifestyle medicine.

The result is quite unique in Ontario; the brand new Advanced Medical Services clinic offering professional healthcare and medical services on the first two floors, and our elegant Manor Village Life Centre on the top two floors.

Advanced medical care – on the doorstep

The obvious advantage to our Residents is that expert healthcare and medical services are, quite literally, on their doorstep. A visit to their physician, dentist, dermatology, audiologist or pedorthist is simply a matter of an elevator ride and a very short walk! Equally, they might wish to meet friends for lunch in the Apple a Day bistro, have a relaxing facial in the Rejuv Spa, or have their hair or nails done in our onsite beauty salon.

Learn more and visit us

For full details of the facilities and senior living lifestyle programmes at The Manor Village London ON, see our microsite

The Manor Village London ON is located in the “Old North” area of London, at Richmond and Victoria Streets. Whether you’re looking for senior living in London ON for yourself, a parent or an elderly relative, you’re very welcome to come and visit us. Just book a personalized visit and we’ll show you around and answer all of your questions.

(1) Retire in Style: 60 Outstanding Places Across the U.S.A. and Canada, by Warren Bland, Professor Emeritus of Geography at the Northridge campus of California State University.
Image Attribution:
By ‘Bolognium’ [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons