Top Five April Fool’s Day Pranks

Happy seniors talking about April pranks while taking a walkIf there’s one day that proves the sheer power of the Internet to spread a little fun worldwide, it’s April 1st. April Fool’s Day has been celebrated for centuries with clever tricks and pranks, but the ability to Share on social media has escalated the fun to whole new heights.


So, you won’t need to be reminded that on April 1st 2017, there might be quite a lot of ‘alternative news’ about! Here’s some of the best from the past…



#5 The Swiss Spaghetti Trees


A classic from long before the internet! In 1957, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) broadcast an item on the bumper spaghetti harvest being enjoyed by Swiss farmers. Footage showed working plucking long strand of pasta from the trees. Viewers were convinced (after all, this was the BBC!) and even rang to ask how they could grow their own spaghetti tree.



#4 Iceberg in Sydney Harbour


In 1978, a local businessman towed an iceberg into Sydney Harbour, and was ready to sell cubes of the pure Antartic ice for just 10 cents. However, when rain started to fall, the berg was revealed as nothing more than a clever concoction of shaving foam, fire fighting foam and white plastic sheeting.



#3 The Taco Liberty Bell


In 1996, the Taco Bell Company advertised in major newspapers that it had bough the US Liberty Bell and had renamed it the Taco Liberty Bell. Only after hundreds of outraged Americans had rung to complain did the company reveal it was a hoax.



#2 The Wolverine Files


A modern classic from 2016, when Library and Archives Canada declassifed the journal of one James “Logan” Howlett, otherwise known as Wolverine from the X-Men comics and film series. The team built a whole profile for the fictional anti-hero, including how he has been “Gravely wounded in action many times, and gained a reputation as a gritty survivor.”



#1 Flying penguins


In 2008, the BBC released footage of penguins who could fly, although the presence of ex Monty Python Terry Jones as the narrator might have struck a chord as to the footage not being quite what it seemed… A wonderfully clever item in the spirit of the spaghetti harvest fifty years earlier.



At The Manor Village Life Centers, we love a good laugh. Some of our more senior Residents may have slowed down a little in terms of mobility, but their sense of humor is still as sharp as Wolverine’s adamantium blades.


So, we’ll be watching out for fun and japes across our Calgary and London ON locations. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the best tricks of the day!