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Sleep Expert

sleep expert photo"Many seniors have trouble falling asleep and tend to wake up more often at night to visit the bathroom.  Fortunately sleep disorders can be treated and our goal is to assist to improve the quality of Resident-Member's life and preserve independence." - Sleep Expert


Myth: Older people need less sleep.


Fact: Older people need the same amount of sleep as everyone else.


Regrettably, many seniors believe this myth and attribute their problems sleeping as just a “normal” part of the aging process.


At The Manor Village Life Centers, we understand the importance of sleep and treating sleep disorders. So, at most of our Manor Village locations, we have our own sleep expert on-hand to help our seniors with sleep-related issues.

Sleep Disorders And Healthy Living

Sleep is vital to everyone’s health, wellbeing and mental agility, whatever your age. Left untreated, sleep disorders and insomnia can affect all aspects of life; mental, physical and social.


Some effects of sleep loss are:


  • Lack of attention
  • Memory problems
  • Excessive daytime fatigue
  • Increased falls during the night
  • Changes in mood
  • Use of medications such as sleeping pills


For more details of our sleep care services, or any other aspect of our senior living communities


Sleep And Your Retirement Lifestyle

At The Manor Village, we design many aspects of our senior lifestyle options to ensure you get the best possible sleep.


  • Our dinner menus are planned to promote digestion, and assist in the sleep process.
  • Exercise programs are scheduled for earlier in the day so the beneficial hormones produced from exercise do not disrupt your sleep.
  • Our geriatric pharmacist will review all your medications, to ensure that sleep disorders are not caused by medication combinations.
  • Our entertaining and stimulating activities are scheduled throughout the day to encourage daytime alertness.
  • Residents can enjoy yoga and massage therapy sessions to promote relaxation and better rest.


If sleep is still an issue, we can book you in for a simple sleep test and follow up consultation with our sleep expert. Our expert will review your medical history and your health and wellness plan to help determine risks, and in turn improve your daily functions through well-needed rest.

Sleep Well, Stay Well!

Our sleep doctor is just one of a team of geriatric care experts who can help residents at our various Manor Village senior care communities in the United States and Canada.