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Respite Care

At The Manor Village Life Centers we offer exceptional respite care services for those needing assistance after a hospital visit, or during an illness. Our respite care also offers dedicated family caregivers breathing space to rest and recharge their energy levels, knowing that their loved one is safe and being very well looked after.

Respite Care For Post Operative Seniors

Sometimes, as a senior, life throws you an unexpected curve ball. A fall, an accident or an illness may mean you can’t be looked after properly at home. Equally, elective surgery such as a hip replacement may mean that your own home isn’t suitable for your post-operative recovery and rehabilitation.


That’s when The Manor Village respite care can help. You can join our community to be looked after in a safe, comfortable and caring environment, with 24-hour health and wellness care staff in attendance. You can take advantage of on-site specialists to help in your recovery, including wellness experts and massage therapists. Or you can have visiting specialist treatments from professionals such as physiotherapists in our on-site treatment rooms.


Most of all, you can be part of The Manor Village community, so you don’t feel isolated or alone. Family and friends can relax, knowing you’re being well looked after, and of course, they can pop in anytime to see you!


For more details of our respite care services, call your local Manor Village, or send us an email.

Respite Care For Family Caregivers

As a family caregiver, chances are you put the needs of your loved one well before your own needs. You may have even taken on the role of caregiver without making any conscious decision to do so.


Caregiving can be very rewarding, but it can also be demanding on your time and energy, and be stressful, upsetting and downright exhausting. This can be particularly true if you’re the caregiver for a spouse or relative with dementia. Sometimes, feelings of anger and frustration battle with feelings of guilt and perhaps loss of the person you used to know and love. As a result, your own health and wellbeing may suffer, and you may feel depressed and anxious.

The Manor Village respite care is here to help.

  • Your relative moves into The Manor Village community for a set period of time, where they receive the best attention and care from our expert team.
  • They can enjoy all our Manor Village retirement living centers have to offer, including the social program, events, Wellness services and, of course, the attention of the 24 hour health team, should they need it.
  • Those with dementia and Alzheimer's can join Our Hearts Memory Care neighborhood, offering an exceptional level of professional care, attention and understanding, in a supportive and secured part of our senior care community.

Well-Earned Break For Caregivers

As the caregiver, you can relax and take time for yourself, knowing that your loved one is receiving the best possible care and probably having a terrific time too! So, you can do whatever you need to do to rest, recover your energy and rediscover your own identity, be it a holiday, a visit to friends and family, or just enjoying being at home.