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Preserving Your Independence

Dr. M. Garth Mann , Owner and CEO, recognized the importance of Preserving one’s Independence as his dear Mother aged and began showing signs of depression as the result of living alone. She asked her son to locate a non-institutional Senior’s Center that respected the importance of retaining her “Independence with dignity and respect”.


It is important to understand the physiological and psychological changes that occur with aging is essential. This in part is due to the fact in many instances it is possible to slow or improve the aging process with the right approach. Seniors who once required Long Term Care, are now learning how they can be more independent through a broad range of lifestyle changes. In order to ensure these lifestyle changes are realized, our Wellness Directors are your Health and Wellness “Quarterback”. The Wellness Director will ensure you receive proactive support through our on-site Family Physicians, activity director’s, mobility experts, participating in stimulating activities, massage therapy, proper nutrition and hydration, wide ranging exercises groups, all whom are educated, experienced and passionate about seniors.


Today, The Manor Village Life Centers has become industry Leader’s in the Preserving of Independence. What is more, The Manor Village Life Centers will be coordinating various Research initiatives, plus Studies of Aging which will educate students whom are interested in becoming skilled Care Providers.


At The Manor Village, we believe that through specially designed supports and programs we can help Preserve the Independence of our valued Residents. Everyone, through every stage of life, wants to feel that they are Independent, and we all want to be free to make our own decisions, take care of ourselves, and continue to do the things that we enjoy. Unfortunately for some, the aging process robs us of some of these abilities and some seniors living at home may not receive the benefits of companionship, supportive care, social stimulation and the expertise to ‘Preserve Independence’. However, the desire for Independence is not diminished. We at the Manor Village Life Centers are here to help!