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Preserving Independence Through Mobility


Preserving Independence – Mobility


The Manor Village Life Centers senior living communities are focused on preserving independence through compassion and expertise, with new and innovative wellness programs available to all of our residents.


Our specialized mobility program is designed by our on-staff mobility specialist to build strength, increase range of motion and add stability for fall prevention through weekly strength, flexibility and yoga classes.



0:31 Stephen Proksa


My name is Stephen Proksa. I’m a mobility specialist here. I run an activity programme that focuses on flexibility, strength training and motor movements.


When a new resident comes in, they meet with me. We sit down. We talk about their health history, any injuries, they've had, falls in the past 5 years. We look at things that they need to work on. We look at their functional movements. We look at their gait movement. We look at issues that they might have with balance.


The assessment is very important for new residents, not only for them but for the community itself. It allows us to know what they need to work on.


Strength training is when we work on their strength. That's one of the main things, being able to continue, to make sure that they either keep the strength that they have or don't lose it at a faster rate. That's what we're trying to do here, basically preserve their independence and make sure that we can help make their lifestyle as easy as possible.


From there we work on flexibility. You know, it's very important, with age we tend to lose that so it's going to allow them to get around with better ease and also be able to just live a better life with that.



1:28 Jayson Jackson


My name is Jayson Jackson and I’ve been here at The Manor going on 3 ½ years now. I’ve been specialising in flexibility and mobility for residents here, teaching specialised classes in those areas, as well as doing one on one sessions with residents to deal with acute joint pain and arthritis. I want them to have a better quality of life. Their body's still theirs and they can still control their own body, by letting them know they have more movement and range of motion through the classes that I give.


A lot of them have that fear of falling and that balance issue. I’m just showing them they can still move and still have mobility. It gives them a great sense of confidence that I can do this again. I can continue to live a life where I don't, if I have pain, I’m doing something about it and I can also possibly get rid of it as well, just by getting on and moving like I used to.



2:19 Scott Page


My name's Scott Page. I teach the seniors chair yoga here and it's a very beneficial programme for our seniors. It helps them move through the joints and keep the muscles strong and flexible. It's important that we offer this class here at The Manor Village because the population that's here tends to be that age that tends to start to lose their balance and because preserving independence requires that they be mobile to get around, it's important that they maintain their balance and maintaining balance requires a strength and flexibility of muscle and an awareness of body that can be generated through the practice of yoga.



2:55 Stephen Proksa


We had a resident come here and she was bound to a wheelchair when she came in. She'd had a fall in the past year and was told that she'd probably have to use a wheelchair for most of the time for the rest of her life. She came to the class and was participating in the other classes here at The Manor Village. From that, she was able to now get around with a walker and within 6 months, that was able to happen. It’s not just due to using just one class, but taking advantage of (all) the classes that The Manor Village offers.



3:21 Walter Kravitz


Each day, it has been something to look forward to. The aches and pains that I think anybody my age would encounter are diminished when we participate.



3:34 Lynn Schwartz


It keeps me youthful. It keeps me healthy. It keeps me moving and this of course makes for better living.



3:47 Florence Berens


It helps me day by day. I can see the improvement day by day. I dread the time when I’m going to have to start to slow down because I don't want to.



3:58 Lynn Schwartz


I always come out of there feeling like so alive.



4:03 Walter Kravitz


It has helped me keep going. It has revitalised me.



4:07 Florence Berens


I’ve been able to travel, I travelled, the first couple of years I thought I’m never going to travel again. I take a 5 ½ hour trip by a plane to New York and I still go and I enjoy my vacation. Last year I went and I was, I was welcomed by, you know, Sandy, but that didn't deter me. I stayed for a whole month.



4:30 Walter Kravitz


I still drive. I still go out. I still participate and these are the things that you as a new resident, speaking to a new resident, should look forward to. You're not here to fall apart completely. You're here to live.



4:45 Lynn Schwartz


I have told many people how wonderful it is to go to Scott and all the wonderful benefits that come from attending his class. In fact, not too long ago, he said we don't have much more room, don't tell everybody. But I do.



5:07 Florence Berens


I'm proud to say that the doctor said I’m an amazing 92 year old, but absolutely the movement, the mobility, the yoga, everything we do, has helped me get to this point. The more you move those bones, it comes easier, you feel like they're getting, like there's fluid motion in there. You feel like it's important and it is. It's important and I feel extremely privileged to have been able to take advantage of this.



5:35 Lucille Zimmerman (daughter of Florence Berens)


It’s extremely important too for a well rounded senior to have the activities that you have scheduled here. Certainly with my mom, I have to, you know, just watch her and make sure that she, you know, she's walking so fast and she's doing things that I can't believe that she can do. So we're thrilled about it.


I mean it makes such a difference in her life. It makes a difference in my life. I feel more comfortable. She's here, this is her home and I don't have to worry about her and the fact that she's doing all the exercises that keep her as young as she possibly can be is really a wonderful, wonderful thing and we're, we're very happy that number 1, that's she living here and number 2, that you offer such amazing programs.