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Preserving Independence Intro Video

0:00 Nicolle Blais


You know, at The Manor Village, our purpose is really to try and make a difference in the lives of those people that we serve, our valued residents and one way that we do that is through preserving independence. It's a philosophy that we share as an organization and we recognize that by making a difference through preserving independence, we can help enhance the lives of our valued residents.


You know, over our 18 years of serving our senior residents, we have seen all kinds of seniors call The Manor Village home, from residents who are very vibrant, very, very fit to those who maybe need a little bit of TLC with their aids to daily living. But irrespective of where they are on the ageing process, they view themselves as independent. So to us, our philosophy is recognizing that independence is really a frame of mind, irrespective of where you are in the ageing process, you want to view yourself as independent.


It's really important to create programmes and build on our lifestyle experience in ways that will make a difference in the lives of our residents. And that's why we focus so much on our preserving independence platform, because we know that our residents want to be independent, they want to feel good, they want to age gracefully. We do that successfully by having a myriad of health and wellness experts become part of our Manor Village family.


So when we look at all our lifestyle services, whether it's our mobility piece where we focus so much on keeping our residents fit and active and moving, something as simple as our sleep expert. You know, we recognize that good sleep impacts how we age and how we feel and how we cope through our day to day.


Another example would be medication. You know, a lot of our residents, at the age that they are at, they do have medications. So we really feel it's important that upon moving in, that we coordinate an opportunity to meet with our preferred pharmacy. Therefore they can complete a consultation to really look at what myriad of medications is that resident is on, and find out if there are any possible contraindications, (to discuss) how can we possibly streamline everything.


Our food services department shines in our communities. Dining is a special spot for our residents so we really want to focus on preparing a dining experience and a meal that not only looks good and tastes good, but as importantly is good for our residents. We know that we put into our bodies is going to impact how we age, so our chefs are really well trained to focus on sound nutrition, not a lot of preservatives, not a lot of sodium, things that are going to help our residents age gracefully and help preserve their independence.


So we have many, many, many different pieces under our preserving independence programme that all help really foster helping our residents age as gracefully as they possibly can. Each and every day that our team members come in to The Manor Village, whichever community that they particularly work in, they're focused on the fact that we have a unique opportunity and a privilege to make a difference in the lives of our valued residents and we do it, we do it so well. We enjoy doing it, but it really is a privilege and an opportunity for us and that's why we're so passionate about our philosophy of not only making a difference in the lives of our residents but how do we do that and that plays a big part into our preserving independence programme.



4:02 Laura Sedivy


Everybody views their independence their way. We have residents that have no assistance, no aid, no walkers. They're in exercise, they're at every activity. They're vocal, they're beautiful. You would never know their age if they had told you. We have other residents that need assistance and we're fortunate enough that we have a wellness team that can support that, yet when you speak to them, in their mind they're the most independent person you have ever met.


So what I think is pretty impressive and pretty amazing is that we have the opportunity is that no matter where somebody's ability is, we've got opportunities to support them, to allow them to think that they are still the most independent, virile person, they still feel that they're back in the 30s, 40s, their 50s. They may be in the 80s, 90s, we even have a 100 year old and as long as we keep them smiling with purpose, then we're keeping them independent.



5:02 Georgette Kelly


People are amazed when they come in here and see our residents because their age, it isn't really, it's their actual age but it's not how they feel inside. We have one resident who came here from another community and came in a wheelchair and now she walks with a walker, but our programme has helped her so that she no longer needs to use a wheelchair and I think she's one prime example. There's like a magic here that doesn't exist in any other community.