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Orthotics and Podiatrist Specialists

podiatrist"I find that as senior's age, many have difficulty looking after their feet themselves.  We recognize that providing assistance with foot care is essential for general health and wellbeing and to promote preservation of their independence." - Podiatrist


Put your best foot forward with our senior foot care team. Healthy feet can be the first steps in a long healthy life. At The Manor Village Life Centers, our team work hard to keep you feet healthy, and also help you keep mobile for longer.

Expert Foot Care For Seniors

Healthy feet can be the first steps in a long healthy life. As we age, foot problems can put our health and independence at risk.


As a Manor Village resident, you can call on the services of our own foot specialist, formally known as a chiropodist and now known as a podiatrist. Our podiatrist comes to you, so you don’t have to travel to a foot clinic or miss out on any activities. In a dedicated treatment room at your Manor Village, your podiatrist can help you with services including basic foot care, help with common problems such as bunions and corns and nail and skin care. They also offers screenings to detect foot problems such as plantar fasciitis that contribute to painful mobility, and provide onsite treatment if needed.

Custom Footware And Orthotics For Seniors

Many of our footcare experts specialize in orthopedic footwear for seniors. They will measure you for specialty footwear to help you maintain your mobility for longer. These often include custom made orthotic inserts which address any gait issues, help improve your balance, and help prevent walking issues. Custom orthotics and/or footware can really help with preventing falls, one of the major concerns of seniors and a major cause of loss of mobility in retired people in Canada.

A Coordinated Approach To Footcare

For many seniors, their healthcare services don’t seem to work together well. Doctors don’t talk to foot specialists, who don’t know the physiotherapist or diabetes specialist, etc.


At the Manor Village, all our team know each other, and collaborate to provide you with the best in ‘joined-up’ healthcare. So, your podiatrist will collaborate with your Wellness Coordinator on the treatment of illnesses such as diabetes or arthritis that may contribute to foot problems.


  • They will respond to any gait analysis done by your Mobility Specialist, and work with them to create solutions that include both physical aids such as shoes and special exercise.
  • They will ensure your wellness plan includes regular exercise programs to keep you and your feet healthy. (After all, your feet are the only part of your body that takes part in every exercise!)
  • They will also make sure you receive regular foot care, to ensure your healthy feet stay healthy.

Part Of The Manor Village Team

Your senior foot care specialists is just one of a team of geriatric health experts here to help you at The Manor Village Life Centers. Book a personalized visit to your nearest Manor Village today and we’ll tell you all about them!