Wiggle it. Waggle it. The importance of keeping moving for seniors.

Here’s a surprising statistic. The average American sits on average for 10 hours a day. That’s including time at their desk at work, watching TV at home on the coach, or sitting in their car.  For seniors, that can be even longer, especially for those with restricted mobility.


So, why is too much sitting down an issue? Research has shown that sitting for just four hours can result in reduced metabolic rate, disruption to blood sugar levels, the shutdown of fat-burning enzymes and muscle degeneration.


On Your Feet, America


Friday 28th April is On Your Feet America day, aiming to encourage people to sit less and move more. It’s something we really endorse here at The Manor Village Scottsdale, and we ensure our Residents are up and moving as often as possible. Simply moving around our senior living community every 90 minutes or so reduces our Residents’ risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, back and neck, depression and muscle degeneration.


Senior man running on beach

So, simply moving from a Scrabble to Bingo on a Tuesday, or a trip down to Fry’s shopping on a Wednesday ensures all our Residents have lots of opportunities to get moving, whatever their mobility capabilities.


Move more, sit less


The good news is that exercising for just 60 minutes a day can offset the negative effects of sitting down for too long. Even taking short breaks every 30 can really help:


“Breaking up sitting time engages your muscles and bones, and gives all our bodily functions a boost – a bit like revving a car’s engine.”

Professor David Dunstan of the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Australia



Our exercise and fitness classes


At The Manor Village Scottsdale, our monthly program of exercise classes are specially tailored to our Residents’ needs. With yoga and fitness classes both three times a week, and the popular pool class with Margot restarting now the weather is nice and warm again, every Resident can join in at their own level.



Footcare and footware


The true key to keeping moving is keeping your feet healthy. Our local podiatrist Dr Timothy Sekosky pops in to help our Residents with all aspects of footcare, nail care, skin care and treatments for common foot ailments. Dr Sekosky can also advise on orthotics, clever little insoles that slip into footware to improve gait (walking) and help prevent falls. With his expert care, our Residents are very happy to be up on their feet!

If you’d like to get up and moving with a personalized visit to The Manor Village Scottsdale, just call us or book your visit online. Just don’t expect to sit down for too long; there’s lots to see!




10,000 steps a day


If you’ve got one of those exercise bands that records the number of steps you take, you’ll have realised just how many of the recommended 10,000 steps a day you can achieve by simply walking about. That’s why our range of activities are so effective; even the shortest of walks adds up over the course of a full day. (Goodness knows how many miles our dedicated and caring team walk in a day – maybe we’ll check this out for a future blog!)



Senior exercise, stretch and yoga classes


Many office-based workers may struggle to achieve 60 minutes a day of exercise, but for our Residents, it becomes part of their day. Our structured exercise classes are tailored to the needs and abilities of the participants, and offer an effective ‘workout’. Some of these exercises may be chair-based to reduce pressure on joints, but rest assured, it’s still highly beneficial exercise that keeps our Residents fitter and active for longer.



What will you do to keep moving?


Here in Scottsdale, we’ll all “Get up offa that thing”, as the On Your Feet America slogan says!


Find out more on how you can get your fellow workers moving at On your Feet Day


For more details on all The Manor Village at Scottsdale, call us, or email.