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The Manor Village Nutrition Video


0:32 Craig Milbourn


The quality of the food is really our focus. My name is Craig Milbourn. I’m the food service director and chef at The Manor Village in Scottsdale for the past 14 years. We have a lot of residents who come to us with pre-conditions. They're on salt restriction, different dietary restrictions. With our wellness staff, we identify and then communicate with the resident and sometimes the family members. We encourage them to try certain items and then we also prepare things sodium free, fat free, on an individual basis.


Pre-prepared foods tend to be higher in sodium and fats. Preparing on a daily basis allows us to control the sodium content and the fat content and also to work with the individual residents for special dietary needs.



1:22 Adeline Gilbert


At this age you watch the fat content, the sugar, the salt and all of those things and you can regulate that by what you choose from the menu.



1:31 Craig Milbourn


We use a local produce company here at The Manor Village. I receive my deliveries twice a week. Everything is cut daily, prepped daily. Everything is fixed from scratch. We buy very little pre-prepared foods, very little canned items, very little frozen items.



1:50 Cliff Ittner


I find myself eating better because I have the choice to choose certain foods every day.



1:57 Craig Milbourn


Because our residents eat here every day, a good nutritional meal is very important. A lot of our residents participate in our wellness programmes that we have here, so as far as energy, ability to get 8 hours of sleep, it's very important to preserving their independence.



2:16 Lu Ittner


It keeps me going, keeps me up and moving every day.



2:20 Craig Milbourn


The menu changes every day, so we're always trying to please the residents.



2:25 Adeline Gilbert


Here the highlight is more choices. I have fish several times a week and that's always good for you.



2:32 Craig Milbourn


Over the years I’ve had family members come to me and say after 1 or 2 months at The Manor Village Scottsdale that their mom was finally getting nutritious meals on a daily basis. A lot of times, weight gain was actually desirable.



2:49 Adeline Gilbert


You can have a half a portion if you'd like it, which I do most of the time, because I gained like 25 pounds when I first moved here, from eating everything on the menu!



3:02 Craig Milbourn


We do offer a lunch. Dinner seems to be the key socialisation and also the preference for the meal of the day.



3:11 Lu Ittner


It's time to relax at the end of a day and share thoughts of the day with people you're around.



3:20 Craig Milbourn


That is a very important component. The socialisation is actually one of the big things with the residents. The dining experience is something to look forward to on a daily basis.



3:32 Cliff Ittner


I kind of like when I’m eating a meal to have a group of people and have, be sociable.



3:41 Adriana Salazar


My name is Adriana Salazar and I’ve been working at The Manor Village in Scottsdale for 11 years. My job here is taking care of the dining room with the residents and together with the servers.



3:55 Adeline Gilbert


The dining experience here is very elegant, very personal, very social as far as getting people together.



4:07 Adriana Salazar


What makes a difference coming to the dining room and especially at The Manor Village, most of the residents look forward to come and enjoy stories or talking about the food or what happened on their holidays or about their family and I know they look forward to come and smile to their servers.



4:28 Lu Ittner


The staff in the dining room uses, uses this meal as a way to enhance our lives because we don't keep ourselves healthy we won't be down here enjoying these dinners.



4:42 Adriana Salazar


They always look good and of course the family always worries how we're taking care of them, so we're always looking forward to serve them good.



4:51 Carol Parish


Because he is having the right kind of nutrition every day, he's able to maintain and accelerate his health and his healthy lifestyle, but also I think the social aspect of it has an impact on good health and I am just amazed at how he thrives here in this experience.



5:16 Craig Milbourn


It's just one small component of everything we do here at The Manor Village of Scottsdale.