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The Manor Village Mobility Specialists

mobility specialist

"Staying physically active and exercising regularly can help prevent or delay many diseases and disabilities.  Exercise and physical activity are among the healthiest things our Resident-Members can do for themselves and I love working with them to help them preserve their independence." - Mobility Specialist


As we age it’s natural that we may want to slow down a little bit, but that doesn’t mean we lose mobility. Regular exercise classes play a vital role in preserving the fitness, mobility and independence of our senior living community at all our Manor Village Life Centers.


The Manor Village mobility program is designed to help you stay fit, mobile and active for longer, through specially created exercises suitable for seniors. We offer both group classes or specific one-on-one instruction. With the help of our specialized instructors, you can build strength, increase range of motion - and have fun too! Regular activity add stability for fall prevention, keeping you on your feet and injury-free.

Social, Emotional And Cognitive Benefits Of Exercise

There’s also enormous social, emotional and cognitive benefits of taking exercise – it can enhance your mood, give you more energy, improve your cognitive function and give you a sense of belonging. After all, everyone in the class with you is of a similar vintage and understands creaking joints and stiff muscles!


For further information on our mobility services, or to discuss becoming a resident at a Manor Village retirement community, call us, email us or request a tour of your local Manor Village Life Center.

Your Personalized Mobility Plan

As with every activity at The Manor Village, exercise is part of a coordinated, wellness plan created just for you. Your one-on- one consultation with our mobility specialist will results in a personalized ‘mobility’ plan customized for your needs. The plan includes completion of a full medical history to ensure that exercises are not contra-indicated by other specialist’s advice or treatments.


Your mobility specialist will also communicate with other Manor Village health service providers such as the foot care and orthotics team, as a part of your comprehensive wellness program.