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The Manor Village Lifestyle Experience®


A NEW alternative lifestyle for senior living and senior care


At The Manor Villages our primary focus is to enhance the Lifestyle Experience® of our senior residents.


What does this mean?


It means that at The Manor Villages Life Centers, we ensure that our residents don’t just live at a Manor Village; they enjoy an outstanding lifestyle.


Whether it’s wellness or activity related, all of our senior living programs, services and amenities are designed to enrich their lives at The Manor Village they choose to live at in the USA or Canada.



Specialists On Hand At Our Manor Villages

Our team of expert professionals provide our residents with expert services and benefits that make their lives here as rich, fulfilling and healthy as possible. Click to read more about our team of expert, including:


Executive Chef & Culinary Team

With freshly prepared meals created by our chefs and recipes designed for better digestion, senior care never tasted so good!



Health & Wellness Team

A coordinated approach to your health and wellness to keep you mobile, active and healthy, and enjoying life to the fullest.



Sleep Expert

Poor sleep is not a symptom of aging. Our sleep expert can help get to the root causes of not sleeping well to help you feel better and more alert.



Massage Therapist

Our massage therapists specialize in senior massage techniques, to help ease aching joints and improve muscle tone.



Geriatric Pharmacist

Our pharmacists will review your medications for contradictions, possible side effects, etc. They will also help you achieve the optimum balance of medications, in association with your family physician, GP or specialist.



Podiatrists and Orthotic Specialists

Our team will help you take care of your feet, and help with orthotic footware and custom made orthotics to address any gait (walking) problems, to increase mobility and reduce the risk of falls.



Mobility Specialist

Visitors often remark how fit and active our residents are - here's one of our secrets! Our mobility specialists work with residents to retain and increase flexibility and mobility with special classes and individual one-on-one session.



Activity & Lifestyle Team

Our residents enjoy a wide range of activities, outings, themed events, entertainment, special dinners and more. In fact, relatives say they have to book time to see their loved ones once they move in, as there is so much going on at the Manor Village!



Carefree Living Team

Our 'behind the scenes' team of housekeepers and maintenance crew who ensure every resident enjoys a lifestyle free from the worries and physical strains of home maintenance, housework and maintaining a yard or garden.



Our Senior Care Activity and Lifestyle Team

At The Manor Village we firmly believe in not just ‘Adding Years to Your Life but Life to Your Years’. And no one does that better than our outstanding Activity and Lifestyle team members.

Our Mosaic Program


Mosaic is a unique senior care enrichment program, offering the best in entertainment, outings, activities and social opportunities. At every Manor Village Life Center, we make the most of every single occasion with good food, live music and the stimulating and reassuring company of friends and family.


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