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The Manor Village Life Centers – the Community with Heart!


A retirement home does not have to imply an inactive lifestyle. At The Manor Village Life Centers, we are committed to providing an exceptional ‘Lifestyle Experience’ to our residents - and their families.


This video tells how one family discover that the Manor Village Life Centers offer an independent lifestyle for their ageing parents, and peace of mind for the children. Click and enjoy!



Preserving Independence Case Study Video Transcript


This is Barry and Janet. They've been married for 57 wonderful years, still living in the same house where they raised two beautiful children


Those kids are all grown up now with kids of their own but things are starting to feel a little bit different for Barry and Janet.


The house is starting to look a little run down. Both of them are tripping or falling more frequently and housekeeping is becoming an issue


Proper meals and nutrition have become a concern and their son Ted and daughter Emily are having to come over to help with projects and running errands that Barry and Janet used to do by themselves.


This is taking a toll on Barry and Janet and is taking a toll on Ted and Emily too. Ted and Emily love their mom and dad more than anything, but the health and safety concerns of living in their old house are making them nervous, as is the cost of maintaining that home.


They all agree it may be time to explore some options for alternative living arrangements. So they contact a nearby community called the Manor Village Life Center and arrange a tour with the lifestyle marketing coordinator.


Right away Janet can tell there's something special about the Manor Village community. It feels more like a luxury hotel or resort than a retirement community. Many of their preconceived notions of a retirement community are dispelled immediately


The staff and residents are warm and friendly and everyone at the Manor village just looks happy.


Barry was concerned the moving to a community like the manor village would mean giving up his freedom. But with the Manor village’s clear focus on preserving independence, Barry knows he's in the right place.


Janet is relieved to learn about the team of seasoned medical experts and the in house on site physician, all offering proactive assessments and personalized levels of care, with a second to non emergency response system in place throughout the building


Janet knows you can't put a price on peace of mind like that.


Their kids Ted and Emily like knowing their parents won't need to compromise their lifestyle at the Manor Village. They are particularly impressed with the community events calendar, and performers that are scheduled to entertain and engage the residents, and the nutritious meals focusing on a heart healthy cuisine, skillfully prepared at the Manor chef.


As Ted skimmed through the Manor Village recipe book, he was so impressed with the variety and nutritional value, and he was pleased to know that his parents would not be subject to institutional food. He knew that they would be regular visitors in the dining room.


Ted and Emily were also impressed with the Wellness Center and the myriad of supportive services offered. It was explain that the manor village wellness team completes an initial comprehensive health assessment prior to a new resident moving in.


This step is important to ensure the unique needs of each resident are met.


This proactive assessment insures that any health related issues are quickly identified, and as a result a customized plan is put into place involving consultations with visiting on site physicians, geriatric pharmacists, foot care specialists, mobility specialists and massage therapists, to name a few.


There are seven steps that our residents work to achieve so that independence is preserved even if we do intervene and provide assistance.


Our wellness clinic is renowned for consultation with your parent’s doctor while assessing their health status, nutrition issues and sleeping habits before starting exercise programs.


Preservation of independence is vital for enjoying life and even though the skilled staff at the Manor villages provides assistance, the key is that the resident still sees themselves as independent.


The tour of the community was impressive, and it was easy to see that the skilled employees really do care. The whole family can feel the peace of mind that would accompany a transition to the Manor Village and the decisions is made.


Ted and Emily still visit their parents as often as they used to, but now they can focus on catching up and spending time together and with grandkids rather than the chores, bills, errands or upkeep that characterized their visits when Barry and Janet was still in their own house.


Emily notices how clean and tidy everything looks and is thrilled at how happy her parents are. Before she can say it herself, 8arry admits he wishes the decision to move to the Manor Village had been made sooner.


The years pass and Barry and Janet couldn't be more pleased with their new home at the Manor Village. Lately, Barry has noticed that Janet has become more forgetful. She loses her keys more often than she used to, and though she always used to remind Barry when it was time to take his medication, she's starting to forget those reminders more often than she remembers.


Barry knows it's time for a conversation with the Manor Village staff. What a relief! The Manor Village has a state-of-the-art memory care support, and additional Wellness Services right in house.


The staff re-evaluate Barry and Janet's customized, personalized wellness program and decide that a move to the memory care level of the building might be a good idea, just to make sure they're as close as possible to help when they need it.


Barry and Janet are as happy as they've ever been, while Ted and Emily couldn't imagine life without The Manor Village Life Center.


It’s most reassuring to know that with ageing, various levels of care are available at the Manor Villages, so a customized lifestyle can meet the resident’s need, even if they have memory loss issues.


The Manor Villages are also a leader in funding research into the healthy ageing of the human brain, and with the advent of C.A.R.E.S which stands for the Center for Alzheimer's Research in Education Society, the community is the benefactor of education and greater understanding of healthy ageing.


An exceptional lifestyle experience, care when it's needed, and the preservation of independence. That's why we call Manor Village Life Centers the community with heart.