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The Manor Village Activity Video


0:28 Ronda Rosenau


I am passionate about seniors. Seeing them smile, making them happy, at the end of the day I know I’ve done a good job if they're happy. My role as an activities coordinator is to first of all plan the calendar. Usually I meet with the residents once a month to find out what they actually want to do. We do bingo, black jack, bridge, bunco, rummikub. We have a cultural class here. We have pottery class here and art class. Many entertainers that come in from guitar (to) piano.



1:10 Deeda Cannon


I look forward to the harmonica. I look forward to that. I look forward to band practice. I look forward to any picnic outing.



1:19 Marge Preston


Well there's so many different things to do. We've got games. We've got entertainment. We have outings. We have movies.



1:30 Marylou Montgomery


Activities are created, I never thought that would happen and especially, you know you get a certain age and you kind of let go. You don't want to do that any more and now I’m looking forwards to it and it makes you feel better.



1:45 Ronda Rosenau


That is part of preserving independence for them. They need to be, feel like they're needed, they're wanted. If they can go out and join a neighbour and make them happy and make them smile, it's, it's very helpful for them to feel wanted and to be part of the group here at The Manor Village. They have an opportunity for growth, for more friendship, for more socialisation, where they don't normally have that in their home if they're by themselves and they sit alone and with the TV. That's really, there's no conversation there. So when they get out, they have many people here to talk with and socialise with.



2:31 Marylou Montgomery


I haven't had one bad day where you know like you get lonely, nothing. Sometimes I sit there in the evenings and something's wrong with you, but there isn't. I am totally happy and content. Isn't that awful?



2:48 Marge Preston


It's been a vast improvement on, on, on my independence because before I was pretty much a loner and you can't be a loner around here.



2:58 Deeda Cannon


I didn't really realise how much I missed people. They were happy. They were doing things and then that makes a big difference, a really good first impression.



3:09 Ronda Rosenau


The fitness programmes here definitely are impacting our residents. We've had several come in and not be able to walk or have to use a walker. A lot of them have grown away from those things that they've needed assistance.



3:27 Marylou Montgomery


Exercise, yoga, now I think I’m going to join that. I’m looking forwards to water gymnastics, we have to wait for that. Anything at all and I think it keeps your mind active too, which is very important.



3:42 Marge Preston


The more you're out and interact and laugh and carry on the healthier you are.



3:51 Ronda Rosenau


To me, it's, it's comforting knowing that it's a happy place for them. They love it here. It's home for them.



4:01 Deeda Cannon


I don't know that anything really surprised me. I think I just got into the flow of things. It was really easy to do that and it was something I wasn't really doing at home. I loved my place. I wasn't in a hurry to move, but they, the kids thought I should and it was the right thing to do at the right time.



4:30 Marylou Montgomery


If I could walk down the street and advertise The Manor Village, I would say come all, all come in. This is a beautiful place. You have to live here in order to experience it.



4:41 Robert Cannon


She's going to the Philharmonic next week. She's been to Sedona. She's been to the lake. I mean, if she wants to go, she can go and now instead of me worrying about her, I have to find out what her schedule is so I can plug it in somewhere and go out to lunch with her, take her to do a little shopping. She's just totally independent and happy and energetic and I don't even think she brought her cane with her today. So she's loved every minute of it and it's been a great experience.