Only the lonely; social seniors enjoy better health

Nobody likes to feel lonely. As human beings, we are social animals, and that feeling doesn’t change with age. However, many seniors living alone experience loneliness and social isolation, which in turn may adversely affect their health.


In 2014, the National Seniors Council of Canada produced a report into “The Impact of Social Isolation on Seniors’ Quality of Life and Well-being”.


Senior sitting alone on benchIt listed a whole host of “negative health behaviours” that seniors living alone are more prone to, including:


  • drinking too much
  • smoking too much
  • a sedentary lifestyle
  • unhealthy eating
  • falls
  • heart disease and stroke
  • depression and mental health issues
  • dementia and cognitive decline (**)
  • low self-esteem and lack of confidence


Overall, socially isolated seniors have a four to five times greater risk of being admitted to hospital.



The logistics of becoming lonely


Sometimes, it’s just basic logistics that can nudge a previously active senior into social isolation. Poor health may prevent them from participating in activities they used to enjoy. They may have to give up driving, or a lack of mobility may restrict their use of public transport. Often it might just be too difficult, too tiring, or too expensive to venture out and keep their social circle viable.



Senior communities and social engagement


Senior living communities such as The Manor Village Life Centers, solve many of the issues created by social isolation. Our Residents enjoy living in their own private suites independently, and share communal spaces including the Dining Room, exercise room, games room, and theatre. There is always someone to meet and talk to at lunch or dinner, and each delicious menu is specially created by our chefs to provide a balanced and nutritious diet.


There are regular activities from card games to exercise classes, to encourage interaction and give structure and purpose to each day. There are frequent outings in our buses for organized shopping trips, personal transportation, and parking spaces for those who still have a desire to drive their own vehicles.



Lonely in a crowd


At The Manor Village, we understand that new Residents may be lonely. We foster connections and ensure every Resident feels welcome and receives personal attention, care, and affection.


Many team members have worked at The Manor Village for many years, building genuine and warm relationships with our Residents. Indeed, many Residents view our team as part of their own family, which is both delightful and gratifying. Our purpose is “Making a difference in the lives of our valued Residents,” and our team emulates that daily.


Perhaps the greatest part of living at The Manor Village is the deep and lasting friendships formed between Residents. We’ve seen the warm welcome and gentle encouragement of established Residents help those new to our community come out of their shell to rediscover their social skills and enjoyment of life. That’s why we’re proud to say that every Manor Village truly is a Community With Heart.


For more details on our senior living, and to book your personalized visit, call us or fill in our enquiry form. All of us, Residents and staff, look forward to welcoming you to a Manor Village in Canada soon.







** Fratiglioni, L., Wang, H.X., Ericsson, K., Maytan, M. & Windblad, B. (2000). Influence of Social Network on Occurrence of Dementia: A Community-based Longitudinal Study. Lancet. 355(9212): 1315-9.