Home from Home at The Manor Village

For many of our Residents, living in their own property simply became too much for them. They didn’t want to deal with maintaining a home anymore, or were unable to adapt their home to their changing lifestyle needs. They wanted to be free of rising utility bills, the physical work of clearing snow or gardening, the need to drive miles to reach shops, etc.


However, they still wanted a place to call their own, a “home from home” with all the comforts and none of the stress.


2 ladies and a dog sitting down


At The Manor Village, we aim to provide just that, a welcoming, friendly home environment that’s about enjoying life to the fullest. Our senior living communities offer complete freedom of choice through Independent Living. We always remember this is their home, and at home, you should be able to do what you want, when you want (almost!).



Home comforts, hotel-style service


Our exclusive suites are designed to offer all the comforts of home without the chores. With spacious bathrooms, individual kitchens, plus a lounge area and separate bedroom (or two), our suites have just the right amount of space to feel like home.


What our Residents love is that our expert housekeeping team do all the chores they don’t want to do anymore, including housework, washing, cleaning. They know how to properly fold a towel, smooth a sheet or dust precious objects including photos and fine china. Best of all, our friendly team enjoy doing all those irksome little maintenance jobs like changing light bulbs, or fixing a dripping faucet!



Chore-free time is family time


When older parents are still in their own home, family visits from adult children often turn into a seemingly endless list of chores to be done, things to be fixed, cleaning to be done, etc. With all of that taken care of by our team, visits by family become enjoyable again, with time to go on outings, enjoy a meal together without anyone having to cook, or just time to sit and talk over tea.



A home for dogs too


At The Manor Village, we love the patter of little paws! In many of our senior communities, Residents who live on the first floor can share their suite with a small family dog. We find these colourful canine characters add so much to our communities, making us smile every day, and other Residents love to give them lots of fuss and attention too.



Good friends and good times


So often, seniors can become isolated in their own homes, as travel becomes more difficult. At The Manor Village, there is always someone to have a coffee with, play a round of bridge with, or just talk to over lunch or dinner. Our program of events ensures there is always something to enjoy, from games to films, exercise classes to talk, and live performers and entertainers. Equally, Residents can simply shut their front door and relax in the peace and quiet of their own suite when they wish.



Out and about


Many of our Residents gave up driving when they came to live at The Manor Village, simply because they just didn’t need a car anymore. Our team of Transportation Coordinators ensure everyone gets out and about, with daily groups trips to shops, local restaurants, and events in our own private transport. Residents can also book private transfers for appointments, etc, as required. Our Manor Village communities are all located on reliable local transport routes, so Residents can ride into town without worrying about traffic or parking. There are also ample parking spaces for when friends and family come to visit.



A homely, family atmosphere


What really makes The Manor Village a home are the people. Our team members become a second family to our Residents, and we are so proud of that relationship. Many of our staff have worked for us for years, occasionally decades, and our Residents see them almost every day. So, it’s important that we care for, and care about, every Resident as our own family too. That’s why we can truly say we are the “Community with Heart”.



You’re invited to our home


If remaining in your home is putting a burden on you and your children, why not come and see what your local The Manor Village offers. We’d love to show you around our senior living community in a personalized visit, where you can see our facilities, check out our suites, walk in the grounds, and ask any questions you like.


For more details, and to book your personalized visit, call us or fill in our enquiry form. All of us, Residents and staff, look forward to welcoming you to a Manor Village in Canada soon!