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Health & Wellness in Senior Living

doctor checking senior for health"At The Manor Village, we offer a comprehensive Wellness Planning Session which we use to create a Personalized Wellness Plan for each Resident-Member.  My goal is to work with the Resident-Member to develop a Personalized Wellness Plan that may include a variety of health and wellness supports all designed to preserve independence." - Wellness Coordinator


The Manor Village Wellness Directors and Coordinators are experienced professionals dedicated to the health and wellness of our residents. They promote a lifestyle model based on wellness to help our residents remain strong, healthy and independent for as long as possible.



Senior Health And Wellness From Day 1

When you come to join the retirement community at The Manor Village, our Health and Wellness team will book you in for a personalized Health and Wellness Planning Session. This session includes compiling a comprehensive medical history, as we recognize its importance for planning your future wellness.


The Wellness team also works in close collaboration with you and your family physician in order to ensure the best care possible. So, you can be confident that we are working alongside your doctor and other specialists, for your optimum wellbeing.


Help When You Need It

Our Health and Wellness team are always happy to see you and discuss any health worries you may have. Since they are on-site at your Manor Village retirement community, you don’t have to travel to a clinic or wait for an appointment.


The team will also refer you to your doctor if they have any concerns, and help arrange appointments and visits to hospital. They can also refer you to specialists within our own team, such as massage therapists, sleep experts and our geriatric pharmacist, all of whom will meet with you in our dedicated treatment rooms at your Manor Village Life Center.


Interested in our Health and Wellness program for senior residents? Call us, email us, or book a tour today and ask us anything you like!


Ongoing Health and Wellness Care

As we age our vital signs require regular monitoring to maintain optimum health. So, regular follow up assessments are vital to the continued health of all our residents, whether enjoying an independent living lifestyle or receiving a higher level of assisted living care.


Continuous education is key. The Wellness Team regularly conduct educational sessions for our Residents and families to keep them up to date on the latest in seniors’ health.


More Care Available If And When You Need It

No Health and Wellness plan is set in stone; all plans will be constantly reviewed and updated as your needs change or develop. If the time comes when more care is required, it will be provided with dignity and compassion.


The Manor Village Life Centers are proud of our skilled team of experts, including: