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Your Geriatric Pharmacist at the Manor Village Life Centers

geriatric pharmacist"Proper medication management is critical to overall health.  It's common to find that seniors are on multiple prescription medications, as well as over the counter medications.  My goal is to assist Resident-Members to address any current and possible medication issues which we know is key to the preservation of independence." - Geriatric Pharmacist


At The Manor Village Life Centers, our specialist geriatric pharmacists are much valued members of our team. Their expertise and in-depth knowledge of medications help our residents receive the maximum benefit from their medications. They also help identify possible contradictions in the often complex mix of medications some residents have been prescribed.

Why Consult A Geriatric Pharmacist?

If not properly monitored, your prescribed medications may interact in ways that might affect your wellbeing. The complex interaction of various drugs may lead to less effective treatments, confusion or unwanted side effects.

Your Comprehensive Medication Review

When you join the Manor Village community, our geriatric pharmacist meets with you personally, to focus on addressing and preventing any medication issues. They undertake a comprehensive review of all your medication, including prescription and over the counter medications, and help you with advice and practical help in plain English, not doctor-speak!

Individual Medication Education

Our pharmacists understand the particular challenges of managing sometimes complex prescriptions. They can help you with practical advice on proper storage of medications, insights into possible side effects, potential drug to drug interactions, and drug and food interactions. Most importantly, our specialized pharmacists have the time and experience to help you understand the reasons for taking your medications, something your own GP or physician may not have time to do.

Disease Education For Seniors

Our senior care residents may be taking medications to treat diseases. Our pharmacists can update them on relevant disease states, and help them understand more about their conditions as required.

Personalized Recommended Actions

Following the medication review, your geriatric pharmacist will give you a written list of recommendations, including the appropriate standards of care recommendations.


Your pharmacist will also communicate with your own primary doctor, GP or specialized physician regarding any changes they wish to make. They’ll also make sure your regular pharmacy knows about the changes too, so you’ll always receive the correct prescriptions and medications


If you wish to move your pharmacy of choice to one nearer your new home at the Manor Village, they can help with transferring your prescription medication to your new pharmacy of choice.


Last but not least, your geriatric pharmacist will communicate directly with your Manor Village Wellness Coordinator, to attempt to minimize any medication problems.

A Complete Team Of Senior Care Professionals

Your geriatric pharmacist is just one of a team of professionals working together at your Manor Village Life Center for your health, wellbeing and happiness, including:


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