What’s for dinner Mom? Fine dining at The Manor Village at Scottsdale

We love to tease our chef, we say “What’s for dinner, Mom?”



If you have senior parents who still live in their own home, you may worry that they are not eating enough. As they age and mobility becomes more of an issue, they may not want to cook for themselves as often. Or they may have a poor diet based on ‘tea and toast’ simply because it’s easier to prepare. Lone seniors may not want to prepare food just for themselves, but may also find eating out a lonely and depressing experience.


At The Manor Village Scottsdale, we know the importance of tasty and beautifully prepared food for our Residents’ health and wellbeing. We also know how much they enjoy the social aspect of good food and good company. So we take a great deal of care over every aspect of dining, from sourcing local fresh ingredients to friendly serving staff with time to chat.


Chef and slaad prepared


Quality dining for better health


That commitment to healthy eating is a pillar of our Lifestyle program, as Nicolle Blais, COO of The Manor Village Life Centers USA, explains:


“Dining is a special spot for our residents so we really want to focus on preparing a dining experience and a meal that not only looks good and tastes good, but as importantly, is good for our Residents. We know that we put into our bodies is going to impact how we age. So our chefs are really well trained to focus on sound nutrition, with not a lot of preservatives, not a lot of sodium, only things that are going to help our Residents age gracefully and help preserve their independence.” 

Hear more from Nicolle on our “Preserving Independence” video


Meet Chef and Food Services Director Craig


At the heart of Scottsdale’s commitment to healthy eating is our Chef and Food Services Director Craig Milbourn. (He’s the man our Residents call Mom!) He’s been creating superb meals here at Scottsdale for almost 18 years, and many of our Residents consider him part of the family.


Craig’s food philosophy starts with sourcing produce from the local area, for freshness and quality.


“We use a local produce company here at The Manor Village. I receive my deliveries twice a week. Everything is cut and prepped daily. We fix everything from scratch, so we buy very little pre-prepared foods, very little canned items, and very few frozen items.”

Chef & Food Services Director Craig stars in our “Nutrition” video


Craig and his team can then easily cater for those Residents who have specific dietary requirements.


“We have a lot of residents who come to us with pre-conditions. With our wellness staff, we identify and then communicate with the resident and sometimes the family members. We encourage them to try certain items and then we also prepare things sodium free, fat free, as required on an individual basis. Preparing food on a daily basis allows us to control the sodium content and the fat content and also to work with the individual residents for special dietary needs.”



Weekly menu meetings


What sets The Manor Village at Scottsdale apart from other senior communities in Arizona are our weekly menu meetings. Every Thursday, Craig sits down with our Residents to find out what they want to see on the menu. It’s their input that inspires the diverse range of menu options our Residents so enjoy, each and every day.


Craig and his team take these ideas and turn them into delicious dishes with the expert advice of a dietician. Together, the team ensures that all three meals of the day are age-appropriate, well-balanced, delicious and digestible.



Themed dining nights


There’s also the added variety of special themed nights, where Craig and the team excel themselves in presenting fine food from around the world, or to tie in with special events such as Halloween.



Elegant dining for all


Residents very much enjoy eating in our dining room because it’s always such a sociable time. Residents can chat to each other and discuss their day, just as they would to their families. Or they can talk to the friendly serving staff, who love to swap stories of their lives and their families too.


“The dining experience here is very elegant, very personal, very social as far as getting people together.”

Scottsdale Resident



Peace of mind for families


At The Manor Village at Scottsdale, we’re always happy to welcome families to dine with us. Our Residents often invite family and friends to enjoy a meal with them, and we love to host celebration dinners for birthdays and special occasions here too. Most of all, we like to see the relief on the faces of adult children of our Residents, as they realize just how their senior parents thrive here on Chef and Food Services Director Craig’s excellent meals.


“(Dad) is having the right kind of nutrition every day, so he’s able to maintain and accelerate his health and his healthy lifestyle. I also think the social aspect of it has an impact on good health and I am just amazed at how he thrives here in this experience.”

Carol, daughter of Resident



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