Why our Easter social activities are good for senior health, happiness and wellbeing

Passover has started, Easter is almost upon us, so it’s a busy time with activities ahead for all of us here at The Manor Village at Scottsdale.


In fact, every day is a busy day, thanks to a packed program of regular activities and special events both here at our Arizona senior living complex, and out and about in Scottsdale. Every event offers something different to enjoy, but they all provide opportunities for our Residents to get involved and be social.



Social isolation and senior health


Sadly, this isn’t the case for many seniors living alone in the USA today. They experience loneliness and social isolation, which has been shown to have a negative impact on their wellbeing. Seniors living alone are more likely to develop habits that affect their health, such as leading a sedentary lifestyle, drinking too much, eating a poor diet, cardiovascular problems and perhaps most upsetting of all, slipping into depression and low self-esteem.



The link between isolation and mobility


Sometimes, it’s just the problems of getting out and about that can cause isolation. They may have to give up driving, making visits to friends and family more difficult. Loss of mobility may make walking or taking public transport more difficult. Sometimes, it can just be too tiring to venture outside the home.



The benefits of being a social senior

Social interaction changes all that. It isn’t just the physical activity of getting up and about that has benefits, it’s the interaction with other people, the widening of the social circle, the chance to engage with other people’s stories, excitements and adventures.

Two Seniors in restaurant


Getting out and about


So, we offer our Residents every opportunity to get social and enjoy life to the full. Every day, (and we mean, every day) Benny and his team of bus drivers take Residents on shopping trips to popular local stores and out for lunches. Saturdays, are particularly busy, taking Residents out for lunch, and to the mall, whilst Sundays are busy with transport to church,


Every month there are also organized trips out to enjoy the best that Scottsdale and Arizona has to offer, from trips to shows at the arts center and theater, to the botanical gardens and of course popular events such as festivals and fairs.



Daytime activities at The Manor Village Scottsdale


Not every Resident wants to go out every day, mainly because there’s so much going on during the day that they want to be part of. There are craft sessions to keep hands and fingers nimble, including pottery, painting, mixed media, and yarn work.  There are exercise classes to enjoy with friends, and now that the weather is warmer, Margo has started her popular water aerobics for seniors class in our outdoor swimming pool.



Play your cards right


In the afternoons, everyone settles down to card and board games that really test the mind, and gets everyone’s competitive energies flowing. Our Residents play for fun, but like to win! From classic card games like bridge, canasta, and rummy, to fast-paced games such as dominos, yahtzee and bingo, these games ensure everyone is engaged and enjoying the company of other players.



Toe-tapping entertainment


For music lovers, we have visiting local entertainers who keep everyone’s toes tapping. Our singalongs around the piano are also very popular: there are considerable health benefits to singing both for the body and the brain, and visitors are often surprised by the quality (and volume) our singing Residents can create! For movie fans, we show classic and popular movies in a theater-style setting, complete with free popcorn for our matinee and evening movies.


In fact, there is so much going on that families and children often joke they have to book times to see their parents or relatives around all their activities!


Time to just sit and talk



We also know that there are days when our Residents may not want to be part of such a social whirl. They may just want to come to Coffee and a Chat, to enjoy lunch with a couple of friends, or just see whoever is about to talk to – and we always make sure there is someone to talk to if they want. Our staff will always stop for a chat, offer a helping hand, and generally keep an eye open for any Resident who might be feeling a little low today.


It’s that caring attitude that really makes The Manor Village at Scottsdale The Community with Heart. Many Residents think of our staff here as family, and we are honored to be considered so.   



Experience our community for yourself


If you’d like to become part of The Manor Village at Scottsdale community, or are concerned about a parent or senior relative living alone, call us. We’ll invite you to a personalized visit so you can see and meet our community for yourself, and ask any questions you want. There’s no pressure, no slick sales routines, no obligation; just you and us talking through what you want for yourself and your family, and how The Manor Village Scottsdale might help.



Sounds good? Call us on 480-767-7646, or send us an email.


And if you’ll excuse us for a while, we’ve been challenged to a game of poker and we have a feeling we’re going to lose – again!