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Home from Home at The Manor Village

2 ladies and a dog sitting down

For many of our Residents, living in their own property simply became too much for them. They didn’t want to deal with maintaining a home anymore, or were unable to adapt their home to their changing lifestyle needs. They wanted to be free of rising utility bills, the physical work of clearing snow or gardening, […]


On your feet, Canada!

Couple sitting in living room by fireplace smiling

Do you spend all day at work sitting at your desk? Many Canadians do. The average Canadian office worker sits for a staggering 10 hours each day.   Add in those of us who sit for long periods when driving or travelling, watching TV or sitting at a computer, and we have a nation that […]


Only the lonely; social seniors enjoy better health

Senior sitting alone on bench

Nobody likes to feel lonely. As human beings, we are social animals, and that feeling doesn’t change with age. However, many seniors living alone experience loneliness and social isolation, which in turn may adversely affect their health.   In 2014, the National Seniors Council of Canada produced a report into “The Impact of Social Isolation […]


Top Five April Fool’s Day Pranks

Happy seniors talking about April pranks while taking a walk

If there’s one day that proves the sheer power of the Internet to spread a little fun worldwide, it’s April 1st. April Fool’s Day has been celebrated for centuries with clever tricks and pranks, but the ability to Share on social media has escalated the fun to whole new heights.   So, you won’t need […]