Aging in place with The Manor Village

There’s a quiet revolution happening in the way we are planning for our senior years. All over Canada and America, state and provincial governments are encouraging seniors and near-seniors to think ahead and plan for aging in place.


In their guide, the Government of Canada states:

”Aging in place means having the health and social supports and services you need to live safely and independently in your home or your community for as long as you wish and are able.” (1).

US guides say much the same.


Planning ahead for seniors

What is so exciting about aging in place information is that it encourages all of us to look at our current situation, look ahead to our future requirements, and make arrangements accordingly. It is proactive, not reactive, and that is always a good thing.


Key to the process is thinking about your current home, and if it can be adapted to meet future mobility needs. So, you might consider widening doorways, reducing the number of steps, and adapting bathrooms. Take a good look at your yard and garden too: is it too big to manage on your own, and how much will gardening help cost, for example?


Moving to a more accessible home

If your current home is not suitable, you might consider moving to a more accessible house, or one where facilities such as good transport links and accessible services are close by. Look for good accessibility to support services, such as health clinics and hospitals, or the availability of home care if required.


Do you WANT to age in your current home?

To us at The Manor Village, often the question is not if you can age in place in your existing home, but if you WANT to.


Most of our residents in our retirement communities in the US and Canada have had a lifetime of home ownership and all it entails, including regular home maintenance, rising utility bills, regular requirement for servicing air conditioners and furnaces, and for Canadian residents, the endless chore of winter snow shovelling!


Our residents are delighted to leave all that behind, living in a community where all the maintenance, gardening, cleaning and even the cooking is taken care of for them, leaving them to enjoy life to the full.


The importance of community

Aging in place isn’t just about the practicalities of life. As we age, it’s important that we are part of a friendly, supportive, and interesting community that’s accessible without the need to drive. However, many of our older residential areas in our towns and cities simply don’t fit that bill. As the Government of Canada guide says”

 “Age-friendly communities encourage seniors and other residents to stay active and engaged, and make it easy to do.”


It’s no accident that our retirement communities are all named The Manor Village. We wanted to create a village-type atmosphere, a close community of neighbours that all know each other, yet also have that important element of independence when you want it, and support at hand when you need it. It’s also good for your health; as the Government guide says: “Social connections with community members of all ages can support physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.”


Healthy eating and exercise for seniors

The aim behind aging in place is to ensure you can continue to live independent lives with the support you require, and that includes staying healthy for longer with regular exercise and eating well.

  • Eating balanced, healthy meals can help raise your energy levels, reduce the risk of health problems, and help your immune system.
  • Regular exercise can keep you be more mobile – and help keep you healthier for longer too.

However, it’s sometimes difficult to know what sort of exercise you should be doing, or what meals are right for you as you age. After all, you may not always want to cook a good meal, or in the deep snows of a Canadian winter or in the heat of an Arizona summer, take the exercise you need.


At The Manor Village, our employee team work with every resident to devise their own personal health and wellbeing program that they can easily follow. As a resident, you can join in special senior exercise classes including yoga and stretch. As an independent living resident, you can choose to cook your own meals, or dine in our dining room, enjoying meals that are delicious and healthy too.


Aging in place at The Manor Village

In our senior years, our requirements for care will inevitably change. Even if you move to a new accessible home, there may come a time when you require more support and care, and the only way to access it is to move again.


At nearly all of our Manor Village locations, we offer several levels of senior care. So, residents can move from independent living to assisted living, for example. When you move up a level of care, you simply receive more of the care you need. There’s no need to physically move to a new location miles away; you can stay in the senior community you love, surrounded by friends, and with the same access to our exceptional Lifestyle Experience as before. This is particularly important for those residents who need to move from enriched care to memory care, as they remain in familiar surroundings at a time when memory impairment makes drastic change difficult to deal with.


Aging in place in style and comfort

If you’re interested in aging in place The Manor Village way, call us for a personalized visit. Tour our senior suites, see our dining room, walk in the gardens, and perhaps chat with our residents to discover what they think of living at The Manor Village. We look forward to meeting you, your family and your loved ones at our senior care and independent living communities in Alberta, Ontario and Arizona.